The same order every time

I just noticed that the questions are in the same order every time, for example Germany, Sweden, Honduras, Germany, Sweden, Honduras, Germany, Sweden, Honduras.

Why is this? I find that having the questions in different order every time enhances my learning and gives me variety.


Hi @MikaelEriksson, is this on Learn New Words or a Review mode?

Review mode

FWIW, the very same applies to Speed Reviews on any given level in the Android app. I sometimes do several SRs on a single level to sort of hammer stuff into my brain and the order, in which items are presented, never changes.

In fact, I recall that I wondered as to why the order of words was reversed which gets obvious when learning i. e. numbers or when the level first teaches one or several words and then uses those to form a sentence.

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I have the same issue. The order used to be random before I was forced onto this new beta learning back in January. When I did the classic review, the order was always completely different. Ever since then, the words appear in the exact same order every single time I do a review. I find myself memorizing the order rather than translations/definitions. I believe this makes this website much less effective for me.

Thanks all, we’re going to create a ticket for this. Does it happen only when you start review from inside a level or always?

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Always. The order never varies regardless of reviewing just one level or the whole course. The words follow exactly the same queue as every other time I have reviewed them.

Again, this was never the case during the last several years–the order was always random. It is always the case in 2022 since I began the new beta learning.

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Thanks for this info. A ticket has now been raised for this for the team to investigate (internal code WEBSITE-3589) :slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed the order does change, but only when I review words that need watered. For that session, the words will be in random order. This becomes the queue that will not change until it’s time for them to be watered again.

Since I frequently review words before it is time to water them again, this is a big problem.

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The problem has been fixed. The order is random again. Thank you!


I can’t confirm that. I did a few tests and it was always the same order.
This applies to performing speed reviews across a given level with words already learned, using the Android app.

A repro scenario would be the Turkish from German course 1, level 11

But I suppose every course would do. The levels that introduce numbers are a very good repro candidate as it gets so obvious when the order is always the same.

Thanks for flagging, @Olaf.Rabbachin, I’ve created a separate ticket for Android (QA-1317).

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For several months now, the first exercise of the day runs over the same 8 words, in the same order. The subsequent exercises vary, but the first one is stuck in the same rut. Obviously, this is highly detrimental to the progress of learning. I use Memrise on an Android phone. The cache for Memrise was cleared, phone system updated, etc., but the app continues in the same manner. By now, this is maddening.