The private course I quit

how can I find the private course that I created on my own? I messed up and I quit my course. Now I cannot find it on Memrise.

Hi, try googling what you remember of the name of the course, along with your username and the word memrise.

As a test, I just googled one of my “unlisted” courses, and got a hit on the course. I simply googled:

“memrise a-level spanish discussion phrases ian_mn”

Worth a try, I think.

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If you are on a laptop/pc, go to and log in. Once logged in there is a drop down menu on the right side, click on that and go down to teaching. In that section any and all courses that you have created or contribute to will be there, even if you have quit the course it should still be there.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: