The "Phantom Word" bug doesn't just apply to possible answers

When creating a personal course, I ran into the issue of “phantom words”, which are words that appear as possible answers to questions after deletion. I accidentally added a bunch of sentences with to word list, and after deleting those, the sentences still showed up. The only solutions are creating a new course/database, changing every item, or running a script (which I wasn’t going to figure out how to do since I just started making the course).
Now I realized that deleting a database has a similar effect. For testing purposes, I created two databases in one course, one consisting of 60 words, and the other one consisting of 20 words. After deleting the smaller one, the total word count in the course was still 80, and even with auto learning, I couldn’t complete the course, since the remaining 20 words had already been deleted.
I understand that phantom words will not disappear on their own (or, if there is a way without a script, plese tell me), but what about the word count not updating? Will this happen automatically later on?

This is the first time that I’ve heard of this, because I don’t think people create/delete databases very often, but I doubt that waiting will fix this problem, sorry.

You’d probably be better off just deleting the course and creating a new one. Or running my script, which I think would probably still fix the phantom words problem. It might fix the problem with the wrong number of words showing up, too, but I’m not sure about that. I don’t think I’ve ever tested the script on a course that had a database deleted from it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: Sorry I didn’t have better news.

I didn’t delete a database, I deleted items in a database. Across databases, everything is fine.

The reason I deleted the items was the following: I had a word list which also included sentences. The sentences showed up as possible answers for the translation of the word, which made the tapping tests way to easy. By putting the sentences in a separate database, the sentences won’t interfer with the word tapping tests. Do you know an easier way of doing this?