The new redesign, and the attitude surrounding it, has made me cancel my membership

I used to love Memrise, used it a lot. One of the things that made it stand out to me was the design. I loved how going from planet to planet added a lot more to leveling up. It added a certain level of charm to the whole thing that made me smile. That and the extra features made me want to support the developers more, and I subscribed.

But then out of the blue the redesign happened. No communication, nothing, boom, redesign. Fine, I’m open to change.

But this redesign sucked out all of the charm that Memrise had. What was left was this husk of a corporate shell. Nothing better than a menu at a fast food restaurant. It was sad, I stopped using the app because of it. I left a review on the play store, changed my 5 stars down to 2, gave a reasoning.

But the thing that really frustrated me in this whole thing was the lack of communication. The lack of a response. No one was asked about this redesign, and no one was listened to when they said that they didn’t like it. It seems as if no one is out there asking about the redesign, asking what they think. And no one is being listened to. You may have noticed that I said no one a lot, and this is what I feel like I was treated like, a no one.

I would like to come back to the website, and perhaps be a subscriber again. But until this design is fixed, and the communication issue resolved, I will be looking for alternatives for my language learning needs.

Thanks for all the good memories.



I completely agree. I don’t know how the app looks as i haven’t used it. But the desktop website also looks disgusting now. It looks like something from the early 2000s.


App looks the same as desktop unfortunately. You’re right with that comparison, it’s giving me flashbacks to Yahoo Answers with a coat of paint.

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It’s sad, but they don’t care how we feel.

At least they finally added a dark mode so people like me can use it without triggers migraines. But afraid all this, I’ve just got such a sour taste in my mouth.


Nothing’s changed. They’ve been going steadily downhill for the past few years now. No-one cares very much. They’re “busy” making superficial changes and it’s unbelievable the number of accumulated bugs, which no-one bothers to fix. I used to report them very diligently but stopped a while back when I realised that no-one gives a ****.


That’s just really annoying, especially the fact that you are doing their jobs for them and they don’t listen to you. It’s obvious something changed, someone came in and started talking about maximising revenues and KPI’s and whatever. It’s frustrating.