The new Memrise App layout and colours are too aggressive

Yes, we’re going to change it in test types where you use keyboard or form sentences. We’re still going to use it for some elements which don’t require focus and it shouldn’t be distracting. Once again apologies for such a long wait, there were a number of factors which prevented us from changing it earlier.


Thanks Masha. I’ll keep an eye out for the updates you mention and I appreciate them. Hopefully they’ll make the site usable again when I’m not on a browser that can use the stylish extensions. Unfortunately it sounds like some of the biggest problems won’t be addressed, at least for a long time. I understand when something is broken so thoroughly it takes time to remediate it.

Are you able to say if the searing yellow splash screen when the android app is launched is going away in the update? It serves no purpose and I had to actually turn my phone away until it was over until I learned how to roll back the app. If not, I’ll just keep using the old version of the app for the foreseeable future.

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I’ve been using memrise since 2010 and it has been a huge help for my Japanese studies, specially kanji. Though I’m grateful to the memrise team for their app, I also have to agree with the rest of the members who think the yellow color is too aggressive and hurts my vision if I use it for a long period of time. I really liked the first design of the plants, I was ok/sort of disliked the planet themed that came afterward but it was better than the current design, which I can hardly bear to use.
I work in the IT industry as a QA so I understand that a design change requires a lot of time, but I hope you take into account all the feedback provided on this thread and make a user-friendly design. Thanks :slight_smile:

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The use of aposematic colors (yellow e other gaudy colors) may explain why this app now looks so off putting. Aposematic colors sign danger.
To feel distressed and in danger make you alert and focus more at the task in hand.
But just for a while, in other words, until the moment you feel so distressed [by anxiety or eye straining] you can not concentrate anymore.
MemRise said that their decision is backed by extensive research and from hearing a few selected users… Research can yield false positive results: be oblivious to that fact is the most unscientific attitude one can adopt.
Users feedback appear to show that this new design is not working. Is it contradicting their initial ‘extensive’ research? I don’t know. But MemRise should know that.


Keep in mind that they say that about everything they do, but I don’t believe it for a minute.

Remember that they said the same thing when they introduced Ziggy, the mastererful, mesmerizing, motivating, and explicitly non-binary space jellyfish. It was supposedly the product of extensive user testing and interviews, blah blah blah…

Luke Murphy even came here on the forums and promised that he would write and publish a research paper detailing the extensive scientific research behind the design. Of course, after overwhelming user rejection of Ziggy, they unceremoniously removed him from the site, and the research paper was never seen or mentioned again.

It’s just the way they do things around here…


Personally I wish they would work more on language learning features and tools.


Some things I would like to see changed:

Minimize the usage of blue. (One version had an overabundance of blue, right around when my optometrist told me I should minimize blue on my screens (I use f.lux on PC and Twilight on my phone and have bluelight reduction enabled, etc but you can only reduce the blue so much before it becomes hard to see things on the screen, and I’m not going to change my settings to something even more crazy for one thing when everything else is fine.)

Besides blue being a problem, as some people mentioned above, things that are too -bright- are a problem. (For this as well, the unfortunate thing with using a red filter app like I do while viewing a page that involves yellow with some fonts being grey, is it gets harder and harder to see.)

Also noting that in the official Mandarin courses alot of the time one voice is way louder than the other (usually the woman is way louder than the man), so I’m constantly having to readjust the volume and either getting blasted by one or unable to hear the other… they need to be set to the same decibel level.


Can you read the Arabic script here?

Seriously? “Extensive research”? Are you f…ng kidding me? What IQ do you have? 10? And I mean collectively.


Wow, gargantuan mem, invisible source script, and no correct answer among the visible options…yikes.