The languages are getting mixed up

This is an issue I have on both my iphone 11 pro and in google chrome browser, macOS 10.14.

I have created a Korean course but the languages are being mixed up. What I mean is that when an English word is asked, I get some options in Korean and some in English, and the other way round. I used bulk import if that’s important.

So far I tried cloning my levels and removing the old ones, and changing the direction of prompting twice. That didn’t help. It is my second course and I don’t have that issue with the first one, but I didn’t use bulk import for the first one.

I hope someone can help, it is really frustrating.

Hello @Hanna_Zdanowicz8 and welcome to the forum!

I’ll tag the Memrise team for this.

@MemriseSupport, @ale_c: I’ve seen this many times as well. Are you guys aware of this?

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I’ve seen the same issue on a course I’m supporting.

I think it was because the entries were mixed up ie reversed, when set up. (ie put in the wrong column.)

Even thought they aren’t in the levels, they are in the database.

I don’t know what the effect would be if the wrong entries in the database were deleted.

I think it’s another case of Phantom entries, and we don’t have a reset button for generating alternative answers.

That’s really sad @Hanna_Zdanowicz8,

If it’s not a bug … and

If you did mix up initially, then there is a scrip to eliminate Phantom entries, otherwise as you made the course and have the data, you might prefer to create a new course.

Thanks for reporting this - and thanks @DW7 for the extra details.

We do have an open ticket for this issue. I will add the above information to it now - if that is indeed the case, it will help our developers solve it faster.

Unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe for the fix, but please rest assured that the ‘phantom entries’ problem is in our list of known issues, so you can check the status of it here.

In the meanwhile, I’d suggest following DW7’s script recommendation or trying copying the content onto a new course, as this would eliminate the problem.

I will mark this post as the solution as it’s the most up to date information we can provide on this at the moment.

Thanks for your patience,


Apologies, the communication went to the spam folder. I solved the problem by creating a new course. Also it appears that there is also a problem with bulk import. When I used it a lot of entries switched places between the languages for no apparent reason.

Best regards

tor. 12. nov. 2020 kl. 14:11 skrev Alessio via Memrise <>:

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Hi @ale_c, ► this is the course ◄ with the wrong column issue and I am not sure how to eliminate it.
I don’t want to risk messing up someone else’s hard work and I’m not into scripts.

Hi, that might be an issue with the word delimiter, which can be a tab or a comma. Please ensure word delimiters are used correctly to separate each column. If this keeps happening please let us know.

I also advise bulk uploading fewer words at a time for a better chance of success.


I agree - I upload by Levels of 15 to 20 at the time.

BTW although it says Tab it works with putting the information in separate columns in a spreadsheet.

Hi, unfortunately since scripts are not officially supported, I can’t provide further assistance on them :frowning: I’d advise asking in the relevant thread.


I had my words in two columns in a spreadsheet, copied and pasted the columns. I tried it twice just to make sure and both times there were issues.

Hope it has worked out fine for you for your new course.

(Delete the old course or un-list it when you are happy)

Just to clarify, what I do is to highlight the two columns, copy then paste the two columns (and say 15 lines) into the box Ale has shown under “Tab”.

BUT make sure you only have two columns in the course.

If you have more than two columns say four in the course, you need to highlight four columns in the spreadsheet even though two columns are blank, or it gets in a mess.

Remember to delete wrong entries in the database NOT the level.

just my two cents - I got a lot of issues like that with copying in bulk entries, but it’s been entirely quiet on the problem front since I started doing so from Google sheets. your mileage might vary, but its worth a try

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