The "I don't know" OR "Answer" button, when pressed, greys out (in typing format) and the page is unresponsive

In the typing format of classic review, when the “I don’t know” button is pressed, the page freezes.
When I try to reload it, it continues to show the reloading motion on the tab but nothing happens to the page.

Hi, could you give us some more info so we can help you please?
First if you exit the lesson and start a new one can you proceed or are you totally stuck?
You are on the web rather than the mobile apps?
What browser, operating system and if on mobile web which device are you using?
What course are you doing?

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Thanks for replying
I am unable to exit the page, using the web version on Chrome, Windows 11 and the course is titled “AQA GCSE Spanish Vocabulary”, created by EllieGirgis.
The course forum is: [Course Forum] AQA GCSE Spanish Vocabulary by EllieGirgis

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you can’t exit the page. Do you mean clicking the x in the top corner of the lesson doesn’t work once you get in this state?

Obviously worst case you can just close the tab and you can go to in a new one. Then if you start a new review session does the problem reoccur?

None of the buttons, including the X on the top right corner, can be clicked. When I do close the tab and open memrise again the same problem occurs

Does this happen just in classic review and just on one specific word?

it happens on classic review, but theres no issue when doing the speed review

Hi @Darsh_shrestha,

I maintain the Ellie Girgis AQA GCSE course and will take a quick look at it later today.

The course has had around 1000 users during the past week, and I didn’t see any comments on the course forum thread. So the course itself is probably O.K., but I’ll check.

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@ian_mn Thanks

I just checked and I’m not seeing the problem you’ve been having. I’m using Chrome on Windows 10.

One option/workaround may be to simply hit ‘Enter’ rather than clicking on the “I don’t know” button. I think that doing either generally has the same effect, so hitting “Enter” may work for you.

By the way, I made a no-typing/multiple-choice version of this GCSE course a few months ago - in case this is of interest (for revision etc.) - here’s the link:

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I’ve tried to use the “Enter” key but it still freezes the screen

Does the error happen every single time when in classic review or
Is it just in certain words?
Is it just this course?
Do you have another device such as a phone you can log into the website with and try?
We haven’t touched this code recently and haven’t received any other reports or this issue so I’m inclined to say this is course specific though I’ve never heard of such an effect, or device specific such as an extension you have, or perhaps a very old version of chrome?

The only typing course I am doing is the one in which the problem occurs and it freezes the screen regardless of the word - as soon as i press “Enter” or “I don’t know”.However it works fine when using the Memrise app on mobile - ios. I am also running the newest version of chrome. As per the extensions, is there a way I could resolve this problem by removing them?

Could you log into the website on your phone and try? we need to figure out if it’s a problem with your specific computer. If the app is fine then it’s probably not the course being broken
I don’t know if extensions are the problem, but as Chrome on Windows 11 is the most popular platform for our users, and we don’t have any other reports of this issue then we have to look at things specific to your device. So it might be worth disabling all the extensions and trying, and if that works reenable one at a time until it stops working and then you’ll know which extension is the problem

It was one of the extensions, thank you for the help.

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