The fee - subscriptions cost and how much was charged when activated

Where can I check how much my subscriptions cost and how much I was charged when I activated it. It was an annual subsribtion but I don’t remember whether it was discounted or not

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I have asked that before - got not really a answer except that you can see at
I do find it strange that it doesn’t list what the customer bought when for how much.

@memrisesupport: please could you give more info? The only info about my membership I can find is: “You joined Memrise on < date >
Membership status: Memrise Pro since < date >”
For me that too little, and apparently I am not the only one.

Has anyone replied to you about this. I also am confused about what I was charged and when.There is apparently no way to check the details of the transaction.

Hi Megacreaon,
I see that this is your first time on the Memrise forum. Welcome to the club! Unfortunately, I’ve seen any change on this point. Under -> Settings -> Account
I can still only see the joined-date and the pro-member-since-date

Like you, I’d also really like to see the history and until when the membership is valid!

(Sorry my response is a little late)