The end of community courses

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Does this mean courses that I have made privately will be taken down? Or just courses that are publicly available?

I have been a keen supporter and promoter of MemRise for over 10 years.

Like many here, I’ve created lots of courses and support many more (about 275 in total).

I’ve advertised MemRise extensively (partly for the Community courses I support).

Along with others I’ve helped users on the Forums over that period too. (It’s ‘sad’ we won’t be able to help users from December.)

If we do lose the Community Courses, MemRise will sadly just be left with their new course structure with none of ‘my’ courses to promote . . . . . . .

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It’s very sad. For the last four years or so my morning has started with Memrise Swedish community courses created by the likes of sehiralti and miaomiaopurr. I only found out my accident because my access to the community courses via the app was getting more difficult, and after what happened to DuoLingo I had a feeling that Memrise was heading in the same mobile gaming direction. I probably got full value out of my lifetime subscription, but won’t be using it much longer.


Is it possible to download community courses?

Yes, … using @Eltaurus’ GitHub Google Chrome extension.

I’m using my phone right now so it would be tricky for me to paste a link, and I’m playing a trivia game in a restaurant.

But search for @Eltaurus’ in very recent threads here and you should find a link. The extension is very well documented and easy to use.

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The extension for downloading courses is available here:

Also now there is a video tutorial kindly provided by one of the users. It covers most of the steps for setting up and using the extension as well as importing the downloaded data into Anki:


@IchigoSmof I’m also cloning community courses to :slight_smile:

See Announcing

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Unfortunately, I use M Firefox.

Well, then go ahead and install Chrome, install the AddOn, download your courses and uninstall Chrome again if you don’t like it.

It’s not an easy task to convert a Chrome extension to work with Mozilla, so it’s all up to you at this point.


You mean: I can install Chrome to install the AddOn, uninstall Chrome and still be able to use the courses? That sounds odd.

Not all Chrome extensions can work with FF.

The extension allows you to download courses, along with their audio. That’s all it does!
What you downloaded is then on your hard disk (or whatever device) and can be used elsewhere (Anki, for instance).

The downloaded data has nothing to do with Memrise anymore. IOW, once Memrise removes the community courses, you can of course no longer access them on Memrise’s web app (or their iOS/Android apps).
If you don’t use your downloaded course in a different app, then it’ll be data on a disk, nothing more than that.

Not sure how I could be more precise than that.


So, the first thing you should do is install Anki?
Fortunately, there are alrady Anki sets with e.g. kanji.
Of course, those sets aren’t Memrise sets, unless there are soms exceptions.

The end of the community courses is the end of Memrise.
By the way: why would you pay for something which is as untrustworthy as Memrise? You pay now for something which might disappear after half a year. Will they pay back?

Well, not exactly - I haven’t used Anki much as of yet, but I’ll probably do so when Memrise shuts down the CCs. But note that their discontinuation is not exactly imminent but rather a usual Memrise-ish (aka nebulous) statement (see the top posts here for a link to the exact wording).

So you don’t have to switch immediately (to Anki or whatever), it’s just about being prepared for when the time comes, and downloading courses (which are important to you) is probably not the worst of all ideas.

As for “Memrise-2-Anki”, do a → search for
“anki @Eltaurus”
, he has posted countless recommendations and links here and elsewhere (for instance, his → postings about Anki on Reddit).