The Death of Memrise

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #41

I am a project manager by trade. Been trying to pull people together to create brief on Discord (it’s been hard, though, 'cause no promise of pay unlike on my usual work, lol!). This isn’t the way I usually work, as usually I am one of the last people brought in on a project, but I do think if we can form a team then we can do this! Memrise is tossing aside paying customers and we can snarfle them : ) We just need to do a bit of work.

This is the server:

I would love some suggestions in real time (ones that haven’t been scooped from PMs or previous posts… and that didn’t come from a user-only perspective), if you find yourself free at all?

edit: Updated link

(Obieito) #42

From what I’ve been reading, I think I will not upgrade the app anymore, maybe keep the APK if I can, and at least be able to use all the courses I have already downloaded? I’m quite new to Memrise, got the Christmas offer, do you think this will be possible?

(Lucas Heber) #43

The best alternative is to transfer the courses you are taking to Anki, this way you do not risk lose your progress if something goes wrong using the method you are describing.

(Crazy Dave2345) #44

User-created courses are better than official courses.

After people do Memrise official courses, they often then start the user-created ones. Many user-created courses are more popular than official courses of the same level, despite the official ones having more exposure!

(Wrnr1) #45

Does anyone know if you will still be able to work the courses you have downloaded for offline study? Seem like you should be able to… Thanks.

(Isik645) #46

Yes, of course they are better