The Death of Memrise

(Isik645) #1

I will delete my account if you’re not going to launch a mobile app for the decks.

I learn new languages during my trips when I’m at the park etc. So why should I carry my notebook everywhere?

So pity that I will lose one of the best mobile apps forever.

(Benmagrath) #2

I feel exactly the same and it seems from the forum that lots of others do.
What a shame, I liked the combination of memrise and duolingo but there’s no way it’ll work without an app so i guess its goodbye memrise!

(Julian Vasseurac) #3

Same feeling here. I think I will cancel my Pro membership. I don’t understand why you would go against the wishes of such a big online community. The whole point of Memrise for me was to use my created courses on the app.
Why won’t you launch a Decks app?

(Ceiron Williams21) #4

Everybody should cancel their pro subscriptions immediately.
Maybe persuade them that this is the stupidest idea they have had and will certainly be the death of the business.
Although I have a sense of loyalty to the brand I won’t be paying a subscription for less than a quarter of the content offered before.

(Mthierst) #5

well, it’s definitely answered if my subscription is worth paying for (in summary: no), and I guess the app is the next to go as it won’t hold content for me.
It was good while it lasted.
And good luck…

(Baite) #6

I really love Memrise and the fact that i can learn my own courses online. That is why I paid for a life-long subscription.

Since the Memrise app already exists, why can’t the port the app to Decks? In fact, the Decks site is a copy of our user-courses, it’s only a change of IP or web address! Not?

The community that pays for the Memrise-only courses is probably way bigger than the paying group of user-created courses, though there is some overlap of course. There are about 10M downloads, and only about 1000 or less people (including ‘dormant’) active on this forum. I guess the number of people on the forum is somewhat relate to the number of people using user-created courses, hence, not a big group.

There is one potential good thing about the separation: If Decks has also paying users, then resources could become available to develop features that the community is asking for (see all those other threads).

(Mgaristova) #7

I had just started thinking about going pro when I received the message. On time, memrise, thanks for helping me save my money !
I do not know what they think about their so-called official courses, but I’ve been studying languages for years and I didn’t find any “official” course useful enough for me. Maybe they are good for beginners. I am sorry and very disappointed!

(Soadskindle63) #8

Please don’t do this move without creating an app to go along with it I never use “Mobile friendly” sites and it’s a hassle to go through when an app would be easier! So Make an accompanying app to go along with the changes!!

(Crazy Dave2345) #9

I paid to have quality offline support for Memrise.

(Richardmtl) #10

So, since I finished all the official Dutch courses, I see no reason to pay for Pro anymore, since I only use it for community-created courses now. I guess I’ll be cancelling my renewal and pro Membership, then!

(Houssam Alissaed) #11

Tell them what you think!


Long-time Memrise user, but so disappointed in this change. Even for core languages, I primarily use community courses now because they are often better than the official ones, especially if you want to get beyond A2 vocabulary. Don’t make this change, Memrise! You have a good thing going: no need to wreck it all. Listen to your users. The feedback here is pretty clear. We paid for the ability to use courses offline in an app. Many times we’re not able to connect to the internet where we use Memrise, so Memrise will become useless without it. Unfortunately, our family will be cancelling our subscriptions if this change goes ahead. Make the right choice, Memrise, and continue app and offline support for community-created courses - even if it’s just a frozen version of the current app without any further updates.

(Doughnutz) #13

I absolutely agree with the sentiments here, I’ve been slowly learning Italian for 18 months now, first on Duolingo, then in conjunction with Memrise for the last 11 months. I have done Memrise Italian 1-7 and have added a further 7 community created courses which have provided me with a lot more depth and understanding. I rotate and clear review words from each course, never treating one as finished. The majority of which is done via the app.

How can I now use the courses offline if the content is no longer available via the app? again another reason why I went pro in the first place,

The community created courses were and still remain the main attraction to using Memrise because they go beyond what the Memrise courses provide; they compliment and enhance how far one can take the learning experience, also something that other sites/ apps don’t provide.

Losing community courses to another site is more than fracturing the learning experience, the convenience particularly because of the incomprehensible decision to remove them from the app.

You say you can continue via the decks website, all well and good, but here’s a couple of thing about that:

  1. Using mobile internet, at least for me, isn’t as responsive as just using the app which just plane interferes with the flow of the learning process.

  2. The experience just isn’t the same, for example, both classic review and learning new words are timed on the website, they are not on the app. The app also provides the accumulation of hints points which can help nudge or jog the memory both with new words and when reviewing words, the website does not.

So why give differing learning experiences for the courses.

I’m sure you have plans not yet revealed for Memrise, but there has already been a reduction in available community content since I have been a member, this only increases the divide between Memrise and community content and I can only see that as a weakening of one of Memrise’s great strengths and attractions to it.

At the very least please, please reconsider the decision to stop supporting community content on the app, that by far is the biggest blow.


(semiju) #14

I just tried the web version on my phone out of curiosity since it was stated Decks would be the same and oh man it’s terrible…

(Jermo) #15

same for me, will cancel pro if decision is confirmed, and completely stop using memrise. I only use memrise with community courses on my iPhone in offline mode.

I really don’t understand this decision, I can’t even see what they expect to earn from it? Lots of paying users will either stop using memrise or switch to deck which is free (so no income). And I don’t see how this decision could push anyone to purchase the pro version of memrise.

(Scones24) #16

Same question here. Do they think some people will say: “Now that the community courses are away, I will buy a subscription. That was just what I was waiting for.” ???
On the other hand, at least I will cancel my subscription, because I only use community courses (and my owns).It’s not even an angry move, it’s just that I won’t have any use for the new Memrise at all.

(Relliot2) #17

Geçmiş olsun abi.

(khx333) #18

I don’t think Memrise will die, but they did a business decision. Time will tell but personally I think this was a very bad business decision. Hard to read the minds of the CEO and those responsible but let’s try…

  • We have lots of problems with the iOS/Android apps and not enough resources and revenue
  • We want to innovate with our own features and not expose those to the free course to drive the revenue for Pro subscriptions
  • We assume that most Pro users are using Memrise provided courses anyway so we will ride the storm with custom content creators/users and just force them to a web service that we keep alive for a while

The problem with this is image, if people talk bad about a product, it will have repercussions for months and months and especially drive away new customers when they look at similar products.

For me, the astounding thing is that Memrise had content creators that worked for free and they are punished. Most web companies want content to be created as cheaply as possible and let the customers filter out the bad content from the good (YouTube et rest.)

The other astounding issue is that I’m surprised they are not going for the educational market with custom course creation.

Anyway, it’s their business and if they think this is for their best then I really wish them luck as they are now entering really nasty waters.

(Mallowigi) #19

The decision could also have been to separate community content with provided content, in order to focus solely on the main content. It’s exactly like Duolingo flashcards, it was extracted from Duolingo in order to “let users do what they want” while focusing on the main area.

This will lead to a drought of useful community content, or even worse, lawless areas where bad content are legion. Content creators will prefer going to another, maybe better accessible platform, hell even asking for money, leaving us with poor content only. At one time these lawless areas will become too much of a hassle to even care about, and they will sooner or later close it as well.

That reminded me of the poor decisions made by Slack, Tumblr, Twitter and Medium, and is making me realize that the golden age of the internet is slowly fading away, and every golden egg is starting to rot little by little.

So sad.

(khx333) #20

If I would be the CEO I would think of all kinds of ways to drive free customers to the paid plan, even having the paid plan only access to custom content. This decision seems to just erode the current pro plan and due to negativity from existing customers new pro plan subscribers will become problematic to acquire.