The dashboard says I haven't learned any words

  • All of my progress was reset on the dashboard, but when I click into the deck it shows that I have completed several levels. However, because the dashboard thinks that I haven’t started the course it won’t allow me to do anything except learn new words. Although on the course that I’ve finished it won’t allow me to do anything. I have already deactivated all plugins, cleared my cookies and cache and all the other basic things that one would do to see if they can solve the problem themself. It was all working one minute and then after I finished a review and came back to the dashboard this is what I was greeted with.

  • I’m using a macbook air and Google Chrome

  • To reproduce all I have to do is go to my dashboard. It was working fine one moment and now it is like this.

This is what all my courses look like

I would provide way more pictures but because I’m new to this bug reporting site I can’t upload anymore helpful pictures, sorry.

Hi, if you do a ‘learn new words’ session, does the progress then recalculate properly?

This should be resolved now, sorry for the inconvenience