The Course Leader Board does NOT show me those either side of me on the Android App if I'm > 102nd

On the Android App, after completing a learning or review session I can see the Leaderboard.

But if I’m say 145th, I can not see those close to me, I am only shown the top 100 (and my position number) and can then scroll through the top 100 to the top.

It would be nice to see how I’m doing against near ‘neighbours’ each day.

Incidentally could we see their image (in the App leaderboard) larger if tapped, please?

@MemriseMatty (PS left MemRise)
@Joshua (PS left MemRise)


It is possible to see this on the web but not the App as a stand-alone.

FYI Matt and Josh haven’t worked here for a couple of years now

Thank you for the suggestions, but we won’t be working on the current leaderboards on Android as we’re spending time rebuilding learning sessions and building the next version of Memrise.