The course does not accept the correct answer (tapping tests)

There are a few instances for the Yoruba language on the web version where the course does not accept the correct answer after it has been submitted. This usually occurs for me when a word has been added to the “difficult words” list. This doesn’t happen with every word that is added, and I’ve only observed this behavior on the web version.

In order to reproduce this error I (1a) miss this word during normal course (review/learning) OR (1b) flag the word as difficult (2) review the word online as part of the difficult word review (3) input the correct answer (4) submit the answer.

The only way for me to fix this is to review the word on the IOS version of the application.

I am on a windows 10 pc using the latest version of chrome. screen shot below

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Hi there, we’ve released a fix that might have resolved this issue. Can you confirm if this still happens as of today?

If you still experience this, please let us know.

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Thank you @ale_c ! I tried again this morning and I’m still encountering a similar issue. Now it is only partially correct.

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Thanks for letting me know. I’ve created a ticket and we’ll have it fixed asap - internal code WEBSITE-2847

In the meanwhile, please consider disabling Alpha and Beta as this should fix the issue.

Thanks for your patience!