The Beginner Levantine Course is only asking me to type when I chose Classic Review on PC

On my Android I get multiple choice questions too. How do I get MC on my computer?


Check in your settings, you may have “tapping tests” disabled.

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It was set to yes. I set it to no but all I get are typing tests.

Did you save the settings after you set it to no?

There is no save button, except on the profile page. Regardless it is selected as “no” even after I close and reopen the page.

It is very strange. I wonder if it is because it is community created and the person who created it has the ability to set it to typing only but this seems odd. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.

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That is my guess as well. I appreciate your effort.

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No worries Adam,

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Last code update is from April 2018, so you need to test if it still works and is compatible with the latest web changes.

Discussion thread: [Userscript] Memrise all multiple choice

I can understand that you have trouble typing letters/words in a very different writing system like Arabic on the web on the computer, especially if you have not yet installed a keyboard layout for the language.

AFAIK the default are typing tests for classic reviews and due words, especially when they are single words or shorter phrases and the user-created course has activated them (there are also non-typing courses).

It may also depend between user-created courses and official Memrise 1-7 courses.

My impression:
Multiple-choice (M-C) in the current implementation form is not very effective. I only use it for the six planting steps.
M-C with the given on-screen hints as nothing to do with RECALLING tests.
They give false positives in classic reviews.

I have no idea how to mark a word as WRONG as there is no ENTER/Next button (ESC hotkey+ 0) and 9) number keys obviously do something else).

So my recommendation:
Do not even bother with hinted multiple-choice; you simply do not (correctly) learn to remember the words and to be able to chat/write and speak the language.

How do you want to learn from your own errors if you just select between options 1-8)?

And as you are not tested on RECALLING, you will focus much more on reading side, which might be better than nothing for your first 6-12 months.

This is the main reason why I use the Memrise web portal with the default of typing, or even force multiple-courses into “all typing” and turning off those ineffective challenges.

On Duolingo I use Camilo’s Tampermonkey userscript to:

    1. hide the sentences in the target language so I can focus on listening
    1. hide all the (3) multiple-choice answer options

At the moment I am missing an alternative hiding option on Memrise (web).

If you are not interested in typing:
Take a look on AnkiSRS and self-rating answer buttons.

VT with the Leitner system has multiple test options where self-rating with the hidden target language flashcard side is also one (more effective) option: