The Android app Memorion, a possible alternative to Memrise?

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Hi, this is Volker, the author of Memorion, a very function-rich flashcard management app for Android, based on a spaced-repetition algorithm and offering learning games very similar to Memrise. The app is especially useful for card creators, with all it editing and configuration functions.
Intro Video:

One of my users pointed out the upcoming problems with Memrise to me. He migrated his cards via Anki into Memorion (Memorion can read Anki .apkg files).
In the recent version 10 of Memorion I made some tweaks to be able to import cards via MemriseUtilities into Memorion. Please follow this step-by-step guide:

EDIT: this has been simplified in Memorion 10.1

Once ‘Decks’ will be available, I will see what I can do to import cards directly from it. At the moment it is to early to say what will be possible.

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Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
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I have just given memorion a try and I am pretty impressed.

It even almost managed to dowload a course so large that the memrise app itself fails to download it. By “almost” I mean that the memrise course info tells me there are 42751 words in the course (it’s this one:, but memorion tells me there are “only” 25909 words in the dowloaded course. I guess that’s still more than enough for years of practice, so I do not care too much, just wondering if there is some maximum number of items per subdeck causing the difference :smiley:

EDIT: I’ve tried to delete the downloaded course and add it again multiple times to see what happens. It always fails after some number levels, usually around level 60. The levels until that spot seem to be intact. The remaining levels can be added one by one, even though it was a bit complicated because here on memrise they are all called simply “New level” and memorion seems neither able to handle multiple subdecks with the same title nor renaming a deck. The only way for renaming a deck which I found was to take all cards from a deck and move them to a new deck (and then delete the empty deck).

One more observation: you’re a programmer, right? It’s a little confusing that the downloaded course has subdecks numbered from 0 while on the memrise site they are numbered from 1 (so the numbering is shifted by 1).

Also, a nice feature would be the possibility to port progress from memrise into memorion (I guess this could be hard as the spacing features of the two systems are quite different), or at least some basic info about ignored (=suspended) and planted items.

I am much impressed about your work! I often find that software developers ignore the possibilities of configuration, like having multiple levels of complexity of the user interface. This is finally a piece of software that is not one-size-fits-all, with a wide number of well thought out features.

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Been using it for 70 days amazing app.It’s crazy how you can import decks from a lot of other language learning app.

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I’ll give it a try. Seems promising.

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With version 10.1 of Memorion it became much easier to transfer decks to Memorion, no external programs/utilities needed, simply share the decks:

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Hi Ansa,
could you tell me, which version of Memorion you use?
How did you import? Using the Memrise Utilities? I have no control over their functionality.
in version 10.1 of Memorion the import is directly via a Share (cf. my post further down).
I tested the stack mentioned in your post, and Memorion imported 50831 cards. I will go through all levels to see where something goes wrong.
Edit: Memorion would not import cards that had the question or answer missing (this will be fixed in 10.2) The final card count is 50847. I don’t know how Memrise gets to 42751. I went through every level on the website and it would show the same number of cards that Memorion sees. Except for level 61 which is something special I don’t understand. But that should mean Memorion sees less cards, not more.

The next release (10.2) will have the numbering fixed, levels will start at 1.

Importing the learning progress is something I don’t know how to do, since this information is easily available not on the website. If somebody knows a possibility to access it, please let me know.

About the naming on the stacks: yes, Memorion takes the names given by Memrise and if there are doublets in name, it adds a number (e.g. ‘(1)’).

You can easily rename them:

  • select the stack you want to rename by long-clicking it
  • configure the stack (icon on the bottom right ic_button_config)
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