Thank you for giving us a month's window to the Forum

Thank you for giving us a month’s window to the Forum.

It will give us a chance to set up alternative forms of contact and interaction about our courses.


Hey, @DW7 .

I don’t see a message about a month’s window. Could you explain?

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There isn’t an announcement @Hombre_sin_nombre - it’s just that I found out - so this is an unofficial announcement.

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I actually got an email about it today in answer to my request to reopen the forum from weeks ago:


We have now reopened the forum for 30 days should you wish to gather any information from it or contact any other course creators.

Kind regards,
Memrise team


I might try to scrape the entire forum and compile it into a zip file (or similar) sometime in the next week or so. That is, if someone else doesn’t do it first. Maybe we could try to contact /r/Datahoarder and see if one of them already has a setup/tool that would work for this?

Might also be a good idea to scrape some of the most popular community courses, too (and maybe selectively curate some of the well-made but obscure courses, too). I really, really hope they wouldn’t shut them down anytime soon, especially without warning, but who really knows?


I’ve been working on it via the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive, but having the whole thing in file version would be really nice


I’m currently working on a full scrape. I’ll post a link here so that everyone can download it when it’s finished, God willing :slight_smile:


Mirror is up! :slight_smile:

See Help archive the forum, it's going away soon! - instructions - #27 by neoncube


so, after all, which alternative forum should be used? the one of neoncube looks cute, i never been on reddit coz it seems is full with all sorts of pps … haters and bonkers and and

the need for corrections or other … well, supposing the user content does not vanish over night

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@BenWhately It would be advisable to send an email to all your users in order to inform them about the forum shutdown. Could you be so kind?


Or perhaps put it as an announcement when one opens the App (or Web page) - ie like it says “New features coming soon! … Find out more”