Thai Alphabet Crash Course Error

I’ve been practicing the Thai Alphabet Crash Course - Most Common Consonants and in my second set of new words it isn’t recognizing correct answers for certain cards on the listening tests.

E.g., ต - male voice will say the sound. I click the right character, get a “wrong” answer, and then it reviews the ต card with the identical sound.

I’m not familiar with Memrise to know if this is a Memrise issue or the creator’s issue. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to reach out to the creators? Can you tag them (Singersmith)?

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Memrise initially said they were going to pay creators for their courses, which incentivized people to put A LOT of time and effort into creating them, then they reneged on that promise and stole our work. I wouldn’t expect anyone to fix errors.

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