Text size in App too small for Kanji

Kanji packs a lot of lines into a small space. The small size in the app makes it extremely difficult to see the lines.

You can see in the attached screenshot how hard it is too differentiate the different radicals (parts of the kanji). Without holding the screen right against your face there is no way to recognize the character.



To “fix” this I’ve just changed the overall font size on my phone. You can do it via your phone system settings or, especially if it’s still not big enough, various apps. You can use other apps to set the default font to ex. a handwriting font so you can learn to recognize handwritten kanji better too. Anyway I agree, it’d be great if the app had a font size option.

For me, changing a setting that affects the entire phone so that one app will be usable is not a solution. That’s a work-around, not a fix…

Sorry I don’t know of any better work-arounds, but speaking from experience (of being here on Memrise for what, 6 years now?), and based on the fact that this has been a problem with both the app and the real site (Chinese font used for Japanese etc) since the beginning, I really don’t think Memrise staff will fix it. It only takes a few seconds to switch your phone font before/after you use the Memrise app, though I personally just always leave it on since I’m almost blind and need the extra enlargement everywhere anyway.

I also use this kind of magnifying sheet that snaps into the headphone jack of my phone, so on top of enlarging the font I also enlarge the entire phone screen.

If you do come up with a better solution, I’d like to try it too!

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I also would like to see this fixed, and I’m not a fan of resignation. Please, Memrise staff, is there a reason why this can’t be fixed? Seems like a fairly quick CSS change should do the trick.

Am I missing something or is there still no way to increase the text size in the Android app?


Unfortunately this option is not available, but we’ve logged your comments for future updates.



This seems like it would be an easy fix, to enlarge the font.