Teach Yourself irish

How is it possible to edit/correct a course that I’m learning? There are spelling mistakes which I could easily correct myself if I knew how.
maith agaibh go léir.

Hi @clashcrossdog and welcome to the forum,

The short answer is that you can’t. Only the person who created the course or an assigned ‘contributor’ can make edits.

You could try tagging the course creator in this forum thread by placing an “@” in front of their username. If the username then becomes highlighted in grey, it means they are registered on the forum (and should receive a nudge).

If not (and if you haven’t already done so), you could look in the “Other European Languages” area of the “Community-Created Courses” section of the forum to see if there is already a dedicated course forum for the course.

Failing that, you could try the ‘Abandoned Courses’ route. Here is a link:

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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