Teach Yourself Complete Estonian (Part 1) by dave.edwards1987

Hello @dave.edwards1987,

Are you still actively maintaining this course? I have a few suggestions, mostly around consistency, that could make the life of beginners a bit easier.

I haven’t learned yet how to send a private message :(.

Hope to hear from you,


To send a PM:
Click on your profile icon top right corner, and there is an envelop icon.
Click on the envelop icon
Click ‘New Message’
Fill in the name (e.g. dave.edwards1987) in the first field.

However, I noticed that @dave.edwards1987 isn’t an account here on the community - if it was it would turn automatically grey, like this one: @John_Baite. So I think you won’t get a response.

However, are there other people still studying this course? Anyone of them on this forum? Perhaps one of them is a contributor. If that fails, check out this: READ ME: Abandoned Course Requests

Thanks. In the meantime I’ve learned that my inability to send a message was because I had just joined the community and sending PMs was disabled.

It has since been enabled and like you say, it seems Dave isn’t active as a member.

I had also found the procedure to become a contributor, but I have to wait a week before submitting a request. So Step 1 = check :slight_smile:

By the looks of the leaderboard, there are other users actively using the course. I’m not sure how I can find who might be a contributor.

So let’s wait a week.

Thanks a lot for the feedback,