Tapping words overlaps in long sentences prevents full answer

Tapping words overlaps in long sentences prevents full answer.

Android Bug?

With this phrase in Italian 4 Level 11

si diverte a giocare a tennis, ma le piace di più andare in barca a vela

it was not possible to type it (on one occasion) the end of the sentence because of an overlap, so the next word returned (ie de-selected) a previous selected word!

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Hi DW7, this is tapping test, correct? would you be able to reproduce and send me a video (or a screenshot if it applies)?


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Yes it was a tapping words test but unfortunately I didn’t screen-shot at the time and it was the last go at learning it.

When learning, one is given lots of different tests - eg pairing and selecting the phrase from the video as well as tapping.
Not every tapping seems to have the words in the same place but it just happened that the last word I wanted to tap was in the same place as the penultimate I had placed.

However I’ll see what I can do.

I think it happened because it was a long phrase and towards the end of the phrase the last word selected obscured the available word I now wanted. Both were on the left.

You could reproduce it with a test course of a few words including that phrase.

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