Tapping test never work

I can never get Memrise to work with just using tapping test. Reviewing a course only prompts to write or to select multiple choice. Only time I get tested on tapping test is when I learn new words.

Would it be too much to check into this? (Cooljingle scripts no longer work either)

or all the developers fired?

  • Edit your course, then go into database view (click “databases” near the top, then select the database),
  • Hover over the column that gets tested - a pencil-icon should appear, click it.
  • A popup with the column’s properties will show up, it should have two tabs. Click the second tab (probably something like “Testing” in English, in German it’s “Abfragen”)
  • Uncheck the two checkboxes

Here’s what this looks like on my German UI:

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I have already checked this function in the course. Tapping test is checked off and they are never tested when in review mode. If I disable typing, and keep tapping on, the review will only test multiple choice. This is frustrating for long sentences that are meant to test grammar.

I’m afraid I might simply not understand exactly what problem you are having …?