Tampermonkey scripts no longer working


I don’t know anything about scripting at all, so the only way I know how to eliminate that is to also eliminate the turbo feature too, leaving just the timer disable. What you do is to edit the script, look for line 64 where it says " NoScoreWhileInputting();" and just put // before it so that it looks like // NoScoreWhileInputting(); Alternatively you could just delete that line.

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I’d like to bring the following story: Once upon a time, in a magical land far, far away, there was a sandwich shoppe providing all its sandwiches without mayo, mustard nor other similar dressing. Many a villager grumbled about this lack of dressing, since they liked their sandwiches with all kinds of different dressings: ranch, mayo, mustard, 3 peppers and others. The village council members went to the sandwich shoppe owners and told them: “Ho! Many of our fellow villagers would really like to have dressings.” The sandwich shoppe owners went back to their shoppe. The villagers were hopeful, confident that they had been heard. But a week passed by and still no dressing was available in the sandwiches. Disheartened at the lack of response from the Sandwich Shoppe Owners, the villagers brought their own favorite dressings and supplemented the sandwiches in whichever way they liked them best.

Now, the Sandwich Shoppe Owners did not care much about dressings, that was the truth. Talking among themselves, that night, eating their perfect dressing-less sandwiches, they said: “Blasted be these ignorant villagers, with their impertinent dressings requests. We ignored them and thought it would be the end of it. But No! They went around our backs to add some dressing of their own.”

So they added some Powder Spice of Vanish-Dressings, as it allowed their Sandwiches to remain fresh longer and regain their original, dressing-less flavours.

And so the villagers lamented. They went to their village council and expressed their discontentment: “Oh, wise council, what are we to do?”

The Council debated a fortnight, and hence came the decision: “We should invite other sandwich shoppes into our village, as it is such a popular dish.”

The reality is that some villagers want to have sandwiches with timer options. Errr. With dressings. And the sandwich shoppe owners should start listening to the requests made to them, especially by the community programmers - errr… village council leaders. They are knowledgeable and wise.

If Memrise really wants to encourage competition by driving some of their most committed community members and leaders away, they can. But it isn’t sound business.

So tells the tale of the Deaf Sandwich Shoppe Owners.

If Subway offered 1 kind of bread, 2 kinds of meat, all veggies and no dressing? They would have the right to do so. They would be able to do so. But they’d be overtaken by competition within months.

Memrise’s incredible luck is that there aren’t that many competitors around. But that may not last.

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Userscripts [e.g. Memrise Turbo and Memrise Timer Disabler] and some userstyles stopped working with today's web update
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That worked. Thanks for the suggestion. However it’s so frustratingly slow without turbo, particularly when I have 100+ reviews, that I find myself hitting the return key anyway! I can’t see any advantage in not having turbo as default. Why linger agonizingly on an correct answer…

If anyone has an answer for how to enable both turbo and auto accept for korean please let me know!

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I think you missed my point: you’re exactly the kind of user/course creator I was talking about. I think Memrise have demonstrated clearly over time that you’re not part of their business model. Sure, they don’t mind if you bring in a few customers, but if it had been a priority of theirs to keep your kind of courses on board, we’d have noticed it by now (sorry, sad but true).

I’m not sure why you @'ed me on your post, I’m well aware of all that, I’m just observing how Memrise acts, which I think gives a pretty clear indication of their priorities. Please don’t confuse it with my opinion. We can talk all we like about how we think Memrise should act, and what we think would be logical, but if it’s entirely disconnected from reality, it won’t lead anywhere. (I imagine the primary day-to-day customer of your sandwich shop was in fact a large nearby toy development and production plant, where thousands of sandwiches were served for lunch each day, so the income from the villagers didn’t really make much difference if they would go elsewhere instead. And the people working on the plant had so many other factors that impacted their work life (it was probably great fun and diverse work, so they were quite happy anyway), that the monotonous sandwiches were only a tiny part that no one really paid attention to (or they were all clones, so they had the same taste ;)). But the villagers only ever met eachother in the shop, and never met the plant workers who got their sandwiches delivered, so the villagers thought they were the most important customers, and didn’t understand why no one listened to them… To this day, there hasn’t really been any real sandwich contenders in the village - so is that because there’s nobody in the world who wants to make money, or is it because the villagers aren’t as important and profit-generating a customer group as they think they are…?)

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Here is an update about the Timer disabler and new error messages I get today and some weeks ago: