Tampermonkey scripts no longer working

EDIT: If you’re looking for a way to disable timer, this script still works: https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-turbo/raw/master/MemriseTurbo.user.js

About roughly 3 or so hours ago in the middle of study, I noticed that the disable timer and disable auto accept scrips no longer work(only 2 that I use). I tried to disable tampermonkey and re-enable it, closing and re-opening browser, and restarting the pc, but nothing works. If there was an update on memrise, then it eliminated the ability to run scripts. The auto accept is a minor annoyance, but the timer makes grammar courses extremely difficult, especially for multiple choices where each answer is an entire sentence.


Yes, happened to me too, I don’t know how to fix. I need the timer stop script, it’s a must for me.

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I am having the same issue, and its game breaking for me. I’m not a fast enough reader, and instead of inspiring me to magically become a faster reader, its adding frustration to an already difficult task. If Memrise has decided to not allow scripts to run on their website, then they need to add the ability for us to disable the timer through their settings.


they probably changed again the UI/their own scripts …@cooljingle, like help?

(other scripts - those not java) are working fine)

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Same here. I just hope it is not a conscious move from the Memrise team. These scripts are the reason why I am still using this site.


So no fix or answer to this yet ? I can’t really study my grammar course without it.

Yeah it’s a bummer. Turbo and auto correct made memrise fun again for me.

The same issue here. The timer is annoying. Tapermonkey makes reviewing much faster without stress!

Blegh, I’m hoping everything gets sorted out soon. The scripts are the only thing keeping me on this site


I’m upset. This is the second time my studies have been entirely disrupted by an update. I rely on the auto-accept disabler, and eagerly anticipate this getting fixed.

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I’d recommend a small reality check here guys.

Memrise is a private company, not a democracy. They implement the features they want to have. They’ve quite clearly decided that they don’t want the timer and auto-correct to be optional. So if your courses rely on not having a timer, Memrise is probably not the place to do that course in the long run. You might be lucky that it works for a while, but you shouldn’t expect the Memrise team to make an effort to preserve your workaround. If they had wanted the timer to be optional, it would’ve been much easier for them to make it a user setting, rather than to pay attention to avoid breaking TamperMonkey scripts when they do regular development (yes, I’m a dev IRL, I know what it’s like). So if you expect them to make any effort whatsoever to preserve your functionality, you’re being very unrealistic.

And in case you wonder, yes, I also use a few scripts, and find it annoying when they stop working, and hope it gets fixed by whoever made the script. But if you think it makes sense to complain to Memrise when your third-party software stops working, then you’re misunderstanding some quite fundamental facts of life…


(i do like and want the timer, memrise without is pointless for me, but) it does make sense to complain when you nicely asked for a feature and never got an answer, or when you had that feature but the company took it away without asking you, the user. In the end, it is not about memrise making an effort to preserve third-party software, but making an effort to let users pursue their learning without being utterly disrupted every month… Otherwise the company exists only for herself… ey, then good luck on the heated market?

(the argument is wrong anyhow. But, it is amazing to see that “X=private companies” has nothing to do with “Y=democracies”…(or did you mean users/customer basic right of even saying "hey, please, I don’t like this?). Given that most of our lives are determined by “private companies”, makes one wonder what is the big deal of “democracy”, it simply cannot be only making a certain symbol on some certain voting notes, or, once in 4,5 years? How much of one’s life is outside the world of “private companies”, anyhow?)


Well, if they aren’t going to make fixes like adding a way to disable the timer that so many dislike (or the bare minimum of allowing us to remove it with scripts), then they can probably expect people to stop paying, or stop using their website altogether. You can’t just say “well, you can’t complain”. It’s okay to have high expectations of people. And if they disappoint those expectations, its okay to take your business elsewhere. As a business, their goal is to try to gain and keep us all giving them our money in exchange for their service. In the end, it’s up to them. Do they want my money? Then they should include a way remove the timer. I don’t want to use their website if it has the timer. I might have to find a better program to give my money to.


Yeah, and I’m a private customer who designed dozens of courses for Memrise that proved quite popular, meaning there are members on this board paying money to Memrise as a direct result of the material I put on the site. However, the default requirements Memrise forces or changes makes those courses less than optimal, meaning I have to tell my hundreds of students to find a better option (such as Anki) if the scripts do not work. As my channel and patreon expand, that means more potential customers. I have no problem guiding them to Memrise for the basic courses I have here, but if Memrise becomes completely unusable then I have to remove those links.

Again, I like Memrise despite its faults. But I never liked being forced to repeat questions 6 times or having a timer. I also don’t like the changes they made to the audio test cards (removing the additional info).

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Same here. Still, I’m developing duplicates of all my courses in Anki, and only will make future courses for Anki (though maybe volunteers will upload to Memrise). Memrise would do well to work with course developers because they’re likely the ones to bring in more customers.


Did you know that you can import from Memrise with Memrise2Anki exporter addon?


Working timer script here:

I do your courses, and due to the nature of how they are, a timer disabler is essential. I’d rather use memrise over anki, but if it weren’t possible to disable timer, i’d cancel the pro membership and just use anki instead. @the guys working at memrise, the timer is good for vocab, but not for grammar.


(I do Chinese, Spanish etc “grammar” on memrise, and the timer is very much ok, thank you; the only thing you will reach with speaking in the name of all other users is that they would eventually take the timer out; but I suspect that many users would like to have an adjustable timer as a feature)

Already did that months ago. Most of my material originated as Anki decks. I did do some improvements and error correction during my time on Memrise, so yes, I did redownload them to sync up the improvements (especially for the vocabulary and kanji courses). Even then, I have to do quite a bit of smoothing so it’s not a complicated mess in Anki.

When I use this memrise turbo script it gets rid of the timer, which is great, but when it’s enabled I to have to hit enter after I enter a word. Didn’t have that problem before the update. Any way I can get round this?