Syrian Arabic

Okay then, I’ll add the Arabic meaning of the words I do the voices to as alts.

Thanks to both of you in advance I am a huge fan of this course. It is great! Are there coming more words in the last levels or is the main focus for now the improving of the first levels?

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@RyouBakura Have you had a chance to look through the course? It’d be great if you had the time to add the missing translations in Arabic script and accompanying audio. Then I can add the transliterations so both solutions are accepted.

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Real sorry, only managed to do level 22.

I added the meaning in Arabic as alts, but I might add them in the main box instead of the transliteration later. What do you think?

No worries - thanks for helping! If you look at level 1, both the transliteration is shown in the main box followed by the Arabic. I then add both as alts.

The most important thing right now is to have translations in Arabic script for the remaining words in the course - all in the main box, rather than as alts. I can sort out transliterations later. If you find time to add the translations, that would be much appreciated.

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Just to say this course has been invaluable for me as someone who’s needed to rapidly learn some Syrian Arabic without getting the alphabet down first (although I will, when I have a minute!). I’m nearly at the end of the course so really excited to hear its being updated and continued and just want to express how useful the transliterations would still be if there’s time for that!


Thanks a lot for the feedback Ruthie - much appreciated! I was in a similar position to you - battled with the alphabet but it was an uphill slope and I was more interested in immediate communication.

A lot of Memrise users have stumbled on this course and I’d love to eventually complete it. I see that @RyouBakura has added the script and audio for the rest of the food level - many thanks! I’ve also added the transliterations (hopefully not too inaccurate - please correct me if they are), so this level should be usable now. Ryou, let me know if you get round to doing some more levels and I’ll add the transliterations as soon as possible.

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Update: I’ve added Arabic script and audio to levels 23 to 27.


Amazing!! Really great to be revitalising this course after years of neglect - can’t thank you enough! I’ve sorted out level 23 and will update the others on the weekend.

On a side note, very interesting that Arabic makes the distinction between paternal and maternal aunts/uncles!


Okay I added the translation and audio for the rest of the course. If any of the audio feels off, tell me so I can add a new one.

Honestly, I’ve been interested in contributing to this course for a long time. The reason I didn’t say anything is because I never really thought I’d have the time for it.


@RyouBakura @SilentShuffle I can‘t thank you enough really thank you very much for completing the course the only course in my whole life I enjoy with heart and where I am so excited :sweat_smile::heart: You‘re great :100::100::100:

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I really love your course im on lvl 6
And the only problem i have in lvl 3 is when ever it tells me to type انا بخير it keeps telling me that i made an error even tho the spelling is perfect

I go back to practice everyday cause im not the fastest learner haha

Thank you for the course and i hope you guys are able to fix the issue :grin:

جزاك الله

Hey, thanks for the feedback! And apologies for the slow reply - I’ve only just seen this. I’ve (hopefully) fixed the problem you mentioned…

Sadly this course is a little forgotten as I’m no longer in touch with any Syrian Arabic speakers to help me with it, but the first half of the course should at least be all ok.

Hi, im sorry to disturb you as you are no longer working on the course😅,
I have found an error in Lesson 12 and it’s pretty annoying.
It teaches
بعدين —> Before
قبل —> After

When its exactly the opposite

Btw i have family members who are fluent in arabic and a very good friend from Syria as well which got me interested in learning arabic especially syrian dialect
I you want you can add me to the course (i dont know how this works haha) so i can fix simple errors and maybe continue the course to its end with the help of my friend in my free time

Thank you for your time
Take care

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Hey, thanks for the correction - that must have been maddening - should be fixed now!

I’d be thrilled if you could help contribute to the course. The issue is that I no longer have any knowledge of Arabic or contact with native speakers, so obviously can’t make corrections myself.

Most of the audio for the existing words is already present - the main issues are that it is missing both Arabic script (level 20 etc) and transliterations in the later levels. It sounds like you already know the script, so the transliterations may not be much use to you, but the idea of this course was to make basic Arabic accessible without necessarily having to learn the script. So if you want to have a go at transliterating the missing words, that would be great - I wasn’t following an official system, just writing it down as I (native English speaker) heard it.

The most important addition would be to have Arabic script for the missing lessons. And of course you’d be welcome to add vocabulary/new lessons down the line.

This course has potential to be a very useful resource given how few online resources there are for Syrian Arabic, so it would be fantastic if it could be completed/improved.

I’ve added you as a contributor - let me know if you make any changes or need help with the process of course editing.

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Hey!! Thank you for adding me as a contributor, i made very few changes to some incorrect spellings, but they haven’t yet reflected on the course on my phone,
I tried searching for how this works before bothering you haha but couldnt find an answer

Thank you!!!
And you dont have to worry bout me messing up the course at all

Usually the changes will only appear on the mobile app if you log out then log back in.

Just seen this (I don’t seem to get forum email notifications). Thanks a lot for making some changes, much appreciated!