Syriac on-screen keyboard is displayed as hebrew

in “Introduction to Syriac by William M Thackerston” course, the onscreen keyboard displayed on mobiles is in syriac alphabet, however on the desktop version the onscreen keyboard displays hebrew characters.

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Tricky. Could it be a font issue? That it takes the Hebrew font while it should take the Syriac? Though, with Unicode that shouldn’t matter…

Are you the course creator as well? The course creator can set some keyboard settings in the ‘Edit column -> Testing’ (click on the column Heading to get that menu).

Can’t imagine it’s a font issue, they are two different languages with different Unicode tables. On mobile the keyboard is a minimal keyboard with a subset of the Syriac characters, while on the desktop it shows the entire hebrew keyboard and I tried using corresponding characters (hebrew aleph to syriac aleph) and the word
validation does not accept that . I am not the course creator.