Switching courses doesn't always work - Android Bug?

I usually revise (water) two or three courses every morning.

For some time now, having finished one course, I’ll move to the home screen on my phone and choose another course, and go to review that one, BUT I’m given a review of the previous course.

Quitting the session and repeating the steps can have the same effect.

One solution is not to do a general review of the course but to review a specific (any) level.

This is more common with Community Courses.

Has anyone else noted that?

I do have the latest version of MemRise running.

Incidentally I’m also experiencing long delays in loading too.


Hi , No not yet… But I noted when my connection is poor or low some little bugs get in…

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I won’t “tick” just yet, but the issue seems to be (may be) solved by the latest update.


Thanks @memrisesupport, it seems okay now.