Switching back from offline mode to online mode

I’m currently using the pro ver. of memrise on Android
I don’ t have problems downloading the offline version but apparently the offline version and the online version has few different functions(for example when I go into ‘learn’ on the online mode it will play a native speaker clip than an audio. But if I try do the same thing on offline mode it will only play the audio) due to this, I wish to switch back on to online mode in a wifi-environment. However, even if I turn off the offline mode by pressing the check button on the top right corner of the app page, though the icon changes back to the arrow, the rest of the contents won’t convert to online mode.

Am I the only person experiencing this issue? If not, is there a way to solve this problem without reinstalling the app?

There is no difference between being online and offline in the app - the only thing the “offline feature” includes is the ability to learn while your Android device isn’t connected to the internet.
That said, the app itself is just different from the web version of Memrise. For instance, there’s more multiple choice in the app compared to the web version, the point systems seems to work in a different way, and so on.

The problem that you might be experiencing (apart from many other bugs, see here) might be the fact that you need to log off and back on to make the app receive updated content. That is, the app seems to “cache” courses resp. their content. And regardless whether your online or offline, that cached content will not get updated unless you log off. Quite a nuisance as, after logging back in, you’ll have to update your settings again, you’ll be asked to leave a review in the play store, etc.; but that’s just the way it is.

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