Swedish 6

For some reason the sound is not working for about half of the phrases in the Swedish 6 course.

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Is this still the case?

The best place for this comment is in the official forum for the memrise Swedish courses (1-7), here:

I just started Swedish 6 and it’s unusable. I seriously doubt anything has been done.

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Hi @Barry_Hagg83, @Alybs

I’m sorry we’re so so much delayed in responding to you on this.
If you are still with Memrise, could you tell us a bit more about the issue?
In the Database, all the audios are there. Is it about the audio files being wrong, rather than missing? or maybe about the sound quality?

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Wow – 8 months. There were several issues – the biggest one I recall was that the audio did not match the words. I can’t give you a concrete example but the behavior was a long the lines of ‘pick the definition of “röd”’, the answers presented might be blue, cat, dead & vehicle but not ‘red’. Even worse, the prescribed answer could be ‘dead’ - not even ‘blue’. There were some audio problems as well but the mismatch of words & definitions is why I said unusable.

Regards … Barry