Swedish 6 L1 - entire level has missing audio/corrupt audio files

  • Username: daisywreath
  • _Platform used when experiencing the issue (web, web on mobile, android app, iOS app)_: both Android app & web site
  • _Phone or tablet firmware/app version/device model (if on mobile)_: Samsung Galaxy Tab E, Android 6.0.1, app version 2.9_3896_memrise
  • _Date of first occurrence_: unknown, first noticed today, one item has a mem created by someone a week ago referencing the problem
  • _Frequency of occurrence_: whenever attempting to use Swedish 6 Level 1
  • _Description of steps you took when issue happened_: I began going through the first level of the course and found that none of the audio files were working in the Android app. I deleted the downloaded copy of the course in case that was the problem, but that didn't help. I also checked the web site and went through the entire level in preview mode and found that none of the words/phrases had working audio files.

Then I tried right-clicking on the speaker icon for det var ett klokt val and naturlig, the first couple of words in level 1, and opened the audio link in a new tab to see if that would work. This was the result:

(urls: https://d107cgb5lgj7br.cloudfront.net/uploads/things/audio/1000135127_160620_1320_37.mp3 and https://d107cgb5lgj7br.cloudfront.net/uploads/things/audio/1000135128_160620_1320_42.mp3 - I didn’t go through every item in the level to check this)

Also, I don’t know how long the audio for the level has been broken, but someone created this mem on the first item in the level a week ago, so it’s not just me and it’s been going on at least a week:

Any chance this can be fixed? Thanks!


That’s good to know, Daisy, thank you for sharing!

I know this is an old post, but I started Swedish 6 today and the problem is still there.