Swedish 1 Learn With Locals Bug

There is a glitch in one of the Learn With Locals videos in Lesson 9 of Swedish 1. The woman in the video says the phrase, “Kan vi få menyn tack?”, but the only correct answer it allows me to select is the one with the blank in the middle, “Kan vi få … tack?”. Both are given as choices every time the video shows–whether in English or Swedish–and since she always says the full phrase, I keep selecting the “wrong” answer. It’s very frustrating. Any chance this gets fixed? I would recommend either using this video for the full phrase only or removing/replacing it entirely to avoid confusion. Currently, the same video is used for both the incomplete and complete phrases, with no way of distinguishing which answer is the correct one. I love this app and this is literally the only complaint I’ve ever had with it.

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@Lena_Margareta21, @MemriseSupport

I am tagging both the Swedish specialist and Memrise Support because Lena hasn’t been seen for a while. This seems like a problem that can be fixed without needing any knowledge of Swedish.

Many thanks in advance! Tusen tack på förhand!


I hope someone from the memrise team will get to this soon!

I suppose this should be taken to this thread: [Course Forum] Swedish 1-7 by Memrise