(SUGGESTIONS) For the memrise website, Honestly I will work for you if you're willing to hire

Alright then, I cannot find the suggestions area, doubt they listen to often though.
But here it goes.
It would be fantastic to have a course split option to split longer courses into two or three parts,
Like a 6,000 word course into the same course but part 1 and 2 at 3,000 or even 3 parts at 2,000 each.

It would help to speed along learning because no matter how you look at it, the fact of the matter is that, the more words you have in a course, the more stress you have, the more words you have to review, and the more random it gets to the point that some words you have trouble with you almost never see or are so burnt out by the time you reach it you can’t answer it.

You could say, do it in smaller sections but that isn’t going to help.
Because when its split into smaller sections you usually review them more frequently every day and in small clusters that allow you breaks in between, not only that, have 5-6 courses with 30 words each is a lot less daunting then only 3 courses with 100-200 or sometimes 300 words to review and mow down.

It would also be nice to allow users to edit courses created by others with incorrect translations and fix them to the correct translation so that it is still usable or over complex answers or bad wording to more direct and clear translations to assist us so we don’t have to use two separate courses to figure out one lesson that the one course of clearly did if it didn’t have the mistakes.

It would also be nice to post it as private or post it as the correct translation and either let the person who created the course choose to accept it, which some of those users don’t come on memrise anymore, so option 2 would be to allow other users taking the course to vote on it if they also know the translation is better or correct. That way old courses can still be fixed and be used and useful.

Honestly, most Italian user created courses I find are beyond better than memrise and I would prefer to be able to fix a few of my more favorite ones instead of just ignoring the word and having to find or create my own courses with them.

Another would be to block memrise users from following you, especially ones you do not enjoy.

Not to mention that it would be nice to see others users progress in there own courses if your friends or following each other that way you know could either be encouraged to try a course or also see what there learning and know what conversations you should be able to have with them when speaking a language that you may be helping them to speak.

Would also help friends compete against one another.
Would also be cool to see how many words people learn a week instead of just there uselss points going up and to see just a saved number of words from the end of each week like three months ago they were at 140 now there at 872 or something. I don’t know.

But while you may think having competition or a bunch of options drive people away, let me explain something.

HAVING FRIENDLY COMPETITION, and the ability to customize your learning experience, is the ultimate level of learning because you can make it enjoyable, give your self motivation and make it comfortable for yourself and a almost at home type feeling.

The fact you have such an awesome website that does as much as it does, explains your popularity, but the fact that you are not thee biggest company and are not advertising about learning languages on tv like they do about ancestry and learning about your heritage is because you are missing the key point to making all of this work.

And you know what, I’m going to stop right there

I see you have openings for jobs on your memrise, I will work for you if need be.
I will literally sketch you out plans and explain to your team what it means to build a learning website and what it takes to inspire and get people motivated to learn…

I mean the ziggy thing, these ranks, your user system and courses and the all the other issues, they are minor but they are the one thing that doesn’t have people thinking wow, I would like to be on memrise today and learn something. I really feel good and enjoy it.

Sure the hardcore people like myself do, but not the average people you should be selling it to and those are the people you want because the population is so uninspired to learn and thats why they cannot think for themselves, and they should be wanting to learn and be better thinkers.
And communication and languages and learning and increasing your memory, I mean all of that leads to better thinking, better compassion for others and understanding. It works out your brain and social skills. This could be so much more then what you guys are doing. I’ve been here 5 years and only seen about 3-4 learning options added and some playing around with the ranks.

I’m sure you’ve been making the learning engine better for helping with time intervals and smart learning, but there is a lot more you can and probably should be doing,.

I realize I can get a bit off track, but I swear, I wish I could explain to you in person, the logic of how this could all work better. The vision I see for you all & how great this could be.

I was going to give you more ideas and plans, but I have dreams of my own and would prefer to be paid as a consultant or employee of some kind for my time, and honestly I would like you to take me seriously as well.

Lets make something cool that people want to be apart of and have in there life, lets make learning a language something cool and honorable, something fun and enjoyable and a place you want to be, to experience that with others.
Contact me if you actually want to do something with this website and your business. Not much of a coder except basic html or website coding.
That’s why I keep using the word consultant, because I feel like I can provide expert advice when it comes to making people want to be apart of this community and website & have a more enjoyable experience with it.

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Hahahahaha you’re never going to get hired.


hm, plenty of maybe good ideas, but what makes you think that they would be beneficial for a certain (big) number of users? especially on a fremium site.

as for my part, I would like to see some true listening skills one day, writing what you hear in Mandarin or Japanese etcetc does not improve at all one’s knowledge, sheer waste of time…

If you want to get a job, have you considered using the right spelling of ‘your’?

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I’m kinda agreeing with everyone here that it would be UNLIKELY as you may need at least basic coding skills, but I do like the suggestions. It’s a nice application but are you sure this will get you the desired job? Like, it’s well written, I see what kind of approach your taking here, but then again it is an OK application. Not world-class. But I’m sure they will consider your ideas, even if you don’t get the job.

And like @Angharad.Merfin said, will this work for a larger amount of users?
Hope you get the job :slight_smile:


I did suggest this a while ago by DM to @MemriseMatty, but still. No response…

I was being a bit sarcastic maybe even a bit sardonic.
If I really wanted to be hired I would fill out an application.

It’s just, you might as well get a bit verbal and emotional about, just so someone sees or feels or says something about it. As far as you your you’re, I typed this up rather quickly, and again, If I wanted a job I would of took the time to fill out an application like I said, its not important.

As for coding, technically speaking, I can code a website very well and some other things, i was meaning more along the lines of having to assist workers in coding the learning algorithms or security from hacking or something a bit more extreme, I only know a few things when it comes to coding that.
But as far as coding a website, there is honestly no excuse as to why their interface is not better.

There could be better grouping for languages as a default and still have the option to order them by newest learned instead of an ultimatum.

A messaging system is not out of the question and would really boost the website, community is one the biggest motivators and anyone who says otherwise, well you should ask yourself if your a shut in. And why are you learning a language if not to communicate???

The fact we cannot connect to other users in a easy way to make friends with others learning languages is ridiculous.

The fact you cannot edit user created courses with errors makes no sense. The fact they took away profile descriptions is also a shame.
There levels could be improved, they did a ziggy thing, but honestly that should take a day to implement levels and coding.

The real question, is that they have 10-15 maybe more employees or something it seems, and like 5-7 more positions to fill. Yet they are not doing much with the website or coding. At all.

And I’m not venting or yelling, I just think they should be trying in some way to improve it because a lot of things can be done that do not take time.

…Customization Profiles, you can implement bbcode if need be to get creative. Other sites that charge less and have less users do this.
Background pictures, profiles descriptions ext ext, bbcode lets you do everything and pull pictures from imgur and videos from youtube.

Someones profile could have links to helpful language learning videos on youtube and be able to help others.
Or even just share interests and bring in friends and community.

…Messaging system for people…
Who wants to learn a language alone? In solitary? Are you not learning it to communicate? Why can we not do this…

…Ability to fix others courses and post it public or keep it private //// Ability to vote on translation change suggestions. (Again, so many good courses with errors and wasted potential could be fixed and be popular and helpful among the community.

…Not to mention a review or comment section on courses would help sort through the hundreds to even a few thousand courses for some languages, so much work, left to rot and be lost in the slush of it all.

…Ability to have multiple scroll zones (For better organization and viewing of your courses)
Why? Because it helps you to see what you need to do and be focused, and if you have 30 courses, it can become kind of a cluster F*** Anyways.

{Italian 1} [] {French 1} [Scroll Bars] {Spanish}
{----------} [] {----------} [up /\ & Down V]
{Italian 2} [] {French 2}
{----------} [] {----------}
{Italian 3} [] {French 3}

[Scroll Bars] [<< Left & Right >>]

…Options to organize list with a check list
(Sort Courses) (Choose One)
[✓] Most Recent Learned Course First.
[] Least Recent Learned Course
[] Most Difficult Courses First
[] Least Difficult Courses First

…Options to turn off multiple choice & others
[✓] Typing
[] Audio Tests
[] Tapping tests (Multiple Choice)
(But they still exist when you get a word wrong the next time you see it you do not type but are forced to choose from a list, and this weakens the memory in my opinion, because it requires way less thought especially now that you know the word.
[] Audio When Reviewing/Learning Words // No Audio When Reviewing/Learning Words

…Better search options for courses. (And the ability to check multiple search options)
[✓] Search by most recently added
[] Search by oldest added
[✓] Search by most popular.
[] Search by least popular
[] Search by most users
[] Search by least users
[] Search courses by number of words

Honestly I should say Search // Order By — If I want to be technical about it.
Other ideas off the top of my head would be.

[] Search by suggestions
[] Search by courses that may be helpful
[] Search by courses of friends
[] Search by courses that are used but less popular (For those good courses that may be buried to deep in the sauce)

For gods sake, you can review 100 words, but you cannot choose on the go. Which is wasted potential.
What if you usually learn 10 new words but then get to the grammar section with 10 sentences instead of 10 words and only want to learn 5 sentences, seeings it will be more complex & difficult to remember then it usually is.
Why not allow them to choose on the go/fly… /// Heat of the moment…

((Learn New Words)) <—(Pictures the circle that says that then you click it and it brings up a row of options)
[Learn 5 New Words]
[Learn 10 New Words]
[Learn 15 New Words]
[Learn 20 New Words]
[Learn 25 New Words]

((Review Words)) <—(Pictures the circle that says that then you click it and it brings up a row of options)
[Review 5 New Words]
[Review 10 New Words]
[Review 15 New Words]
[Review 20 New Words]
[Review 25 New Words]

(Review Difficult Words)
[Review Difficult 5 New Words]
[Review Difficult 10 New Words]
[Review Difficult 15 New Words]
[Review Difficult 20 New Words]
[Review Difficult 25 New Words]

AGAIN, why is there not a way to communicated with other users, COMMUNITY IS THE F***ING SELLING POINT. That is how people get into things when they have others to share there interests with, and can learn or help or be helped by someone.
Through games and review websites and learning websites and everything in between including facebook, I’ve met some of the coolest people I know, along with some of the worst sure, but the good people I met were worth it. & your keeping everyone from that.

AND AGAIN, If you are on a learning language website and do not agree with me that community is a pretty big factor if not thee biggest one. Then you once again, you should really ask yourself why you are learning a language? Are you going to talk to yourself??? OR SOMEONE ELSEEEE!!!

That is what I cannot stress enough in any way shape or form. But whatever, sure, keep saying it, memrise is good enough, it doesn’t need to be changed. It is a freemium website but at the same time no one knows these forums exist, no one is in here and no one does anything with it except the same old 100-200 people not 10,000 to 50,0000 people. I didn’t know this was real till this year, And I’ve been here on memrise for 5 long years.

Everyone is so trapped inside the internet and anti-social or scared of someone messaging or saying hello to them or what the hell ever. That no one even considers that idea or thought.

We have people in this thread more concerned about my grammar and using your instead of you’re then the actual suggestions and ideas offered.

That is how disconnected you are, that your so self centered you have to talk shit, instead of being like yeah, make a change make it better, do something. Why are you here if you don’t want it to be improved? And what made you find the forums? For me it was having problems with the website! Not just for fun and shits and giggles in the corner of the internet.

Again I get you can use it for free, but without some foundation to get you attached to it, what makes you want to pay for the extra features? Nothing in my case, because a chart with some things I learned and a few extra talking options does not make that big of a difference. Not when other options could help more drastically.

The fact memrise is free is why memrise has tons of user created courses if you had to pay to use them, then what would be the point, no one would create them, not to mention most people I talk to on here, find that the user created courses do more for them then the memrise courses, the only reason they have so many learning the memrise courses is because people try it for a week hate it and quit it or quit memrise altogether. I would of felt the same way, because all of those tapping tests in the memrise courses makes it impossible for me to remember the words.
And the fact that it is a fremium makes you beg the reason as to why they wouldn’t want to add more options to make it worth paying for, the website was probably built to help people, but its also there to make money. And a fremium is better then a website you can test for a week then have to pay for. It lets you work towards getting attached to it and then wanting to pay for the extra when you finally start to care in some way.
That is more or less what marketing is. Like giving free hotdog samples at the store, you can take one, some people take 10 and then buy a box. Unless they’re homeless.

And I’ll stop, because I am starting to vent these last 3-4 paragraphs. But Really, that ONCE AGAIN, is community created courses yet we cannot communicate or give input to said community.

Why do you want to be a solo learner isolated from the rest of the learners… I just cannot fathom… Discussion over, take my advice or don’t I don’t care.
If you wanna point out my grammar and my complaining instead of actually listening to the ideas or making your own suggestions or thoughts. Then whatever to that to.
The internet is not my life, I don’t have time for the bullcrap or arguments, either live life & learn or why not leave then.
And to the people at memrise, who seem to isolate themselves the way they’ve made this website an isolated desert, message me, don’t message, but if you take my ideas, the least you could do is say hello. Thanks.

(If you think I’m an a**hole or trying to act high and mighty i’m not. I’m not out to get you, insult you, belittle you, condone you, or in any way shape or form hurt you.)
And this is just my personal opinion on a matter I feel they should address, which is trying to improve what they have created, because they should care about what they’ve done it is good, well done, and could be great if they tried to make it great.


There is a great number of good suggestions with which I agree wholeheartedly. In particular, when it comes to communication between users of Memrise they are not willing for them reason to make it easy. Even this forum is hidden somewhere in the “smallprint”. I’m afraid though they will disregard your posting as they did with many other postings before containing similar content.

There is one thing I wonder at, though: When reading your recent postings you give the impression of being very ambitious and involved in Memrise, when looking at your about 2000 words you learnt in 5(!) years this says the opposite. I also did your course “Words for Family & Relative…” which is not bad, but with only 40 words and no audio again doesn’t show great ambitions. (Btw, the entry pronipote is clearly a failure, as the articles il/la are missing and also the meaning grandnephew/grandniece resp. descendants in pl.) How come?

Anyway, I wish you all the best and I do hope that I’m wrong when thinking that the members of the Memrise team will simply disregard your postings as they are really worthwhile to be looked into!


Have you seen this thread?

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I have audio problem while I’m learning new words