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Hi @MemriseSupport

Just a thought - there doesn’t seem to be an obvious place for problems like > this < and billing issues with MemRise.

IMHO > that area < should be, as the subject says, for issues with Decks.

The only other two places are Welcome to the Forum (which could be for either) and Memrise Bug Control.

How about a clear Feedback to MemRise?

I’ve also suggested before that Decks Community Courses should be relabelled Decks Community Language Courses.

And the Non-language heading is not that, but has been used for all sorts of things.

Finally you do have a Decks Community Hub which has “Learning Central”, “Course Creator’s Corner”, “How To’s” and “Off-topic” but it ALSO houses the genuine non language courses.

Ask if you want clarification.


I’ve had a idea and I’d like to make a simple suggestion.

On my home page on MemRise you add a message about Decks coming soon and a link to it.

Please could you add a message about and pointing them to the Forum and to look for [Course Forum] s if they want help with a specific course.

Also tell them where to look for “Forum” when they are on a Course.

This would deal with an issue we have commented on since embedded Forums were no longer available as many people don’t even know about the new Forums.

As an example I very often got comments when Forums were embedded in a Forum but hardly ever since then.

Many thanks.

Apologies as I have made this point several times before, but thought it would be best if it sat in it’s own thread about the Forum.

See > here < , > here < and > here.<


The MemRise team might like to refer back to > this PM. < and > this PM. < for previous suggestions.


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