Suggestions for DLI MSA course

I should have done this a lot earlier once I noticed Memrise removed the forums attached to the courses. Any suggestions for changes or editing privileges can be made here.

First and foremost thank you for making this course.

I was wondering if I could get editing rights to the course as I would like to add audio files and some missing words to the course.

Thank you

Can my teaching team become contributors to this course so they can record audio for semester III? Thank you.

Yes, if you could, just list the rest of the usernames you want entered.

Actually, you should be able to add them too after I add you.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply. If you add me, I’ll see if I can add them.

I added you. I think you can check it now

It would have been wonderful if the chapter is named as topic.

I’ll see about doing that maybe, but the thing is there’s not really a whole lot of organization for what vocabulary they throw into which chapter.

Are the current admins still around on here? I have just arrived and would love to get course admin rights as well. Can I get an add?

Sure thing, boss.

Can anyone speak to how the audio got added to this course? The quality seems really good and consistent whereas for the Supplemental course, it is crap…uses multiple voices, volume changes, etc. Anyone know the difference between how the two were done?

I ask because I am interested in trying to separate out the plurals and masc. feminine so that learners actually see and hear these other versions of each word in their own right. It will make each block larger, but it isn’t really more learning, so much as “better” learning, IMHO.

To be honest, I never touched the audio for the course. I think most of the audio was pulled from the audio files from the curriculum or NetProf. or HiNative are good websites for requesting pronunciations of words in other languages, including Arabic. As for adding separate entries for plurals, I’m fine with you doing that, though masculine/feminine/inanimate plurals, whether regular or irregular should get easier the further you get through the course, as even the irregular plurals fall under certain patterns. If you do choose to add in the plurals, I think we should still have plurals included in the alternative answers for the singular noun listings.

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hi, is possible to get editing rights? I’m in Semester 3 of MSA and would like to add some audio to some of the lessons

Sure thing.