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Please see this helpful comment from @alanh followed by one from @John_Baite


I have just done some some more exploring in Decks - this time looking at Groups

My list shows many groups, each one full of subjects (under a variety of headings) with courses I am either studying or I would be interested in trying.

I notice that they have been created by a “deleted” account but prefixed by Science or Italian.

  • I wonder who amended that?

Secondly I was surprised to read from @alanh’s comment that people have to be invited to join them.

I think it’s a shame that they are not generally visible as I think people would benefit from taking advantage of them.

  • Could @MemriseSupport consider letting people see and search for groups when they hit that heading in Decks, please?

The only way around that seems to be that creators should monitor who is scoring well on a course and invite them to a group of similar courses - which of course could be rather tedious and confusing.


This > link < is how to create a group.

This > link < is Invitation to a group.


I am a member of a group of Physically Geography courses and I thought I would invite people currently studying them to the group (as my comment above), but it would appear that I can not ! (I can only see the members and quit the group.)

Is that correct?

@MemriseSupport - is the only way to invite them is to create an identical group and then invite them?

Hi @DW7 :slight_smile:

Just a thought:
When you were invited to the group, you received an invitation (email with the link), or the creator passed you the link directly. If you still have the email (not deleted) or the link, you can use it to invite others.

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Many thanks for that @Milamy but these group were set up many many years ago and I think the system may have been different.

The first I knew about it (at the time - from memory) was when I realised I had groups and I contacted the chap and asked him about it.

But I’ll try a search.

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