Suggestion wanted! How do I make the most of going premium

How do I make the most of my premium membership. I’m a big fan of memrise but after purchasing I don’t know where to begin or if it was worth the money. Can anyone help?

If I remember correctly “Speed review” is a premium feature. Some courses would be near impossible to finish without it if you were trying to complete the revision on all your courses. I do Russian and use an onscreen keyboard for the characterset. Some days, I would need to do close to 1,000 words to keep all my courses up to date and that’s just too much with a classic review. But with the speed review, more than 1,000 words can be revised comfortably. Any that you get wrong, you have to type out correctly three times so that’s enough.

Speed review is on free too. I think it’s all the other stuff that pay gets, like the customized stuff.

Speed review is not free in the MemRise app. Just a few users can access it for free.

Speed review is free, I used to use it and still do now in my Hindi courses. I guess to make premium matter you have to only use a memrise course they have online instead of one made by other people. Wish I had known that before signing up.

On the user-created courses, it gets you access to the ‘listening skills’ tests and a few basic stats. In addition, for the ‘official’ Memrise-produced language courses, you get the ‘learn with the locals’ video clips (which are mostly quite good) but these are not yet available for all languages. There is a page in the FAQs which gives a list of those currently available.

Are you still within your 30-day cooling off period and so able to cancel and get a refund?