Suggestion to the category list

Hello, I just joined the Memrise months ago, and my friends and I also started trying to create and upload some courses on our own recently.

During the creation of courses, we had some trouble to find a suitable category to tag on it… After some observating of the list, we found that there’s some perplexing tags and categories, like the language “Galician” was put under the tag “Other” instead of “European”, and that some language tags which has only a few courses included, or even nothing (like the tag “Laz”, in which there’s only one course).

Moreover, I’d also like to give Memrise some new languages tags suggestions. The language in which I’ve made my courses have about ten courses in total, but still don’t have it’s own category tag. I can only put them under the tag “other language”, or under some language tags which is closed to them. I wonder if there’s any ways to give a suggestion to the Memrise Team?

I have posted extensively about categories in the past and offered suggestions for rationalisation.

Some courses (eg astronomy) could fit under two or three headings, so searching for Community created courses by headings (probably the original intention) doesn’t give a complete list.
Better is a search by key words.

And I agree there are some courses that just have to go in one of the several “Other” headings.

The problem would now be the migration and rationalisation of courses.

Hi @xibe.gisun, we do collect suggestions for new language categories. Please let us know what you would like to see on the website :slightly_smiling_face: