Suggestion to further improve gamification

Hey guys,

I like memrise so far but I think there is room for improvement. Especially the gamification part could be improved. Currently, I still need to force myself to do the courses. But I have the feeling that if you add some more gamification elements, I get the motivation to continue just because it makes fun.

Let’s take for example the speed review. There you could add something like a “level up mechanism”. Example: After 5 words you “level-up” meaning 4,30 sec time instead of 5 sec.

I’m sure there are 1000 more ideas but this just comes up into my mind.

Would do you think?

Actually it used to be just like that and there had been many complaints about it as the probability to successfully finish a SR session with 100 words was relatively small, particularly for courses with phrases (as opposed to simple words) or courses with many words (i. e. the 5k courses that, usually, contain a whole lot of info on what not to answer in the question).
I thus don’t really see much of a positive effect in this at all.

As for other “gamification” elements (if you really need these - I don’t), check out Duolingo - they actually seem to constantly be attempting to add funny stuff (like comic characters, effects and the such). To me this is more distracting rather than motivating.

That said, I do think that Memrise should introduce a “global streak” which seems to be one of the major motivational factors in the Duolingo world. Currently, your streak is separate for each course. So your Memrise streak really only is the streak for the most comprehensive course - provided you stop repeating a course once you’re good enough (I do so and then come back months later to repeat stuff).

But that’s just my .02. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t argree more.

But there is actually a global streak. Although I rememer reading that it may not stay around somewhere - at least on Decks.

Maybe I don’t get it, but that info doesn’t really make sense either. The statistics that you linked claim that my best streak is 365 days (a coincidence?). However, my “best streak” as shown on my dashboard is 659 days (and even that is a “lie” as I have been working on that course for almost 2y).

Mmm… that’s a shame - that it doesn’t seem to work beyond a single year.
It’s always worked fine for me, but then my longest streak is only 58 days.
I mainly use the time of day graph as it tells me at what time I give the most correct answers quickly, and therefore when I’m most engaged.

I think the reason for that is simply that Memrise’s statistics limit themselves to a year. Take a look:

@MemriseSupport: are you aware of that? Oh, and BTW: 00:36:43 for the last 24h just can’t be true. It should be more around 2,5h. The value for the last 7d can’t be right either. I do at least about 0.5-1.5h/day.

Here is the point why I am using (and paying for) Memrise instead of the 100 ‘normal’ cue card-like apps that are floating around: Because it is the only one that provides advanced/expert courses on a level that doesn’t demotivate me.

Why do I think gamification is the key? Guess what? Learning vocabulary is simply boring. In the end, I think this is the main reason why most of the people are using memrise. Some like the streak stuff (I don’t), some like other things… in the end we need something that helps us to stay motivated.

I agree Duolingo does a decent job on the gamification part. But why I am not using Duolingo instead of Memrise? Because Duolingo doesn’t provide any advanced/expert courses and is therefore only usable by beginners.