Suggestion to add some words related IMAGES

I would like to suggest if IMAGES could be included to the ‘Words and Phrases’ section particularly when we are learning words related to objects, colours, and so on, whatever possible to help us to memorise the word easily, combined on how this section is already built.
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Do you have a particular course in mind (no courses are currently showing in your Memrise profile)? A link to it would be helpful in understanding your request.

Are you creating a course of your own? There are many courses that include images. It’s explained here:

Apologies if I have misunderstood your request.


Hello Alanh
Thank you for you reply.
I am learning Italian. I can not see anywhere in my profile to include my current course.
I am not creating a new course. I am just studying through the Memrise app under a subscription. I do not see any page to edit as you mention.
My idea is just to suggest the inclusion of some pictures for certain words, for example the videos of people speaking that is already included in the app.
So in this way we can also have a better way to memorise the word associated with the image of the object or colour or anything else, plus its writting.
But this could be an option to download the images, in order to not overload the app.
Hope it makes more sense.
Thank you very much.

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Thanks for the additional explanation.

Some of the user-created courses available do have image files added which display when learning and revising. Here are a couple of examples of courses that I know of:

I don’t know if there are any Italian courses which include pictures but you could look through the course list on the web version of Memrise. User-created courses don’t show up on the course list on the Memrise app, so you will find many more courses on the web version (some are better than others). If you find a suitable course and start learning it on the web version, it will sync across to the app so that you can continue learning it there.


Thank you very much Alanh,

The Spanish course with images for example was exactly what I have suggested.
So I will look through the website version.
I really didn’t know about it, since I’ve started learning Italian via the app.
If I have any other enquiry I will right to you again.

Thank you