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Hi all,
Posted this thread for any suggestions you have and suggestions ONLY please. I will delete any irrelevant things… I would like to see a “rating system”. Where you can rate a course 1-5 stars depending on its usefulness.
Feel free to post any suggestions YOU want added to we can make Memrise even better!


I thought there used to be a thing where you could comment on courses, a ‘forum’ if you will. I wonder what happened to it…


Don’t delete that post plz, it’s a good idea!
I’d be inclined to agree with you anyway

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Thats for memrise app ideas? I would like to have in the app kinda clubs, you can talk with other memrisers that are doing the same course.

Not critcising, but would it be overrun by bots, and basically offence language/inappropriate links would be everywhere. Good idea. But there would be MANY problems.

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Just like the old course forums!

But i mean, Duolingo, has more or less the same that i said. You can not talk, but you can share your achievments and points. Kinda mempals but more sophisticated.

That could work. But Memrise contains no “Achievements”. So not sure if it could work.

I mean. Your friend ??? has reached the level 3 of french 2.

Why do you keep deleting things? :frowning:

Hey, because that looks like a private chat, and obviusly isn’t it. So the staff has to delete personal conversations bro.

Re: Toby - The thing I deleted now was my reply earlier regarding my not being able to come un-delete my previous suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue: The previous suggestion (while awaiting deletion) got moved to spam, so there wasn’t really any reason for me to leave the post from earlier saying I’d get back to my pc later and having explained that I’d originally removed my suggestion for fear that perhaps it was a redundant suggestion (I don’t have pro, I wasn’t sure if pro has it already.)

((For the purpose of this not being a totally useless post, the original suggestion regarded adding a settings option to never have “speed review” come up in the rotation.))

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I very much like speed review idea, the timer is completely rubbish most of the time and doesn’t give any chance to react

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Please give option to remove or adjust the timer.


A timer based on the length of the phrase would be best. It’s fine for one or two words as it is, but for anything longer you have to pick a key word and look for that, which isn’t practicing quite what you want to be.


Not sure if this would class as a “bug” or something needing to be suggested, as I don’t know the programmers intent on the web vs app versions.

On the website I can set a course to not have a daily goal, however these courses show up in the app version with the daily goal icon still present and grey (i.e. needing to be completed.) I’d prefer these to behave similarly to the website (I can’t specifically set “no goal” via the app even if I go into the goal settings.)

On the app each day I essentially go through and do each item that has a grey icon, to complete the goal.
There are obviously some courses I’ve finished and like to keep for if I feel like doing a review, but won’t need often, so I’d rather the icon not show on those (as it does in the web version, I only use the website for adding courses etc, but for doing sessions I use my phone (android). I’ve actually had to just “quit” some of my completed courses instead of keeping them around due to this.

((Edit 11/8/18: On further looking into it, this may actually be related to the issue where to courses word-count in the app is higher than what is actually present, as is the case on some of the courses I’ve completed. Flunz Mandarin 1+2 and Fluenz Mandarin 3 are both doing this on my app (Android.) However I’ve just noticed a Japanese course I finished a few years ago actually is behaving as it should… Agh! Still, it would be good to be able to turn off daily goals in the app, like you can on the website, then I could get around it that way too.))

Hi there, I was just reviewing one of my courses when it occurred to me that the automatic continuation when you get a word right makes it a little too easy. Maybe an option to turn it off for those who want a bit more of a challenge might be good? Just an idea.

Hi Marhall, I know you’ve been around a long time but have you seen these old threads? But I think the comments are still valid for MemRise and Decks.

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Pls add Hakka learning.

Hm, I’m not familiar with this. Explain?