Suggestion: speed review for difficult words

Recently I’ve been piling up a whole bunch of difficult words (DW) in a few courses. The DW-feature in the (Android) app however is something I don’t like using. What I rather like doing is to do repetitive speed reviews (SR) in order to hammer words into my brain, but this means that I have to also go through many words that I know well.

@MemriseSupport, @JBorrego: I know that new features aren’t really top priority for you guys, but wouldn’t it be very easy to implement this feature? The SR is there, the DWs are there, so it wouldn’t really be much more (ahem) than to copy/amend the query that pulls the SR items to only use DWs instead and then add an icon to the web/app.

I’d actually be willing to spend money on this!


While I support your idea, but …

those guys have already raised the price about three times since last year. Subscription with discount costs more than full price a year ago.

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Ah, well - I was a bit unclear, I suppose. I wasn’t trying to say that I would pay via a subscription (I have a lifetime license) but rather that I’d be willing to pay (at least a share) of the development costs for such a feature! :slight_smile:

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Frankly speaking, I think you should build your own Memrise app with blackjack and girls. :slight_smile:

particularly with that, I presume! :rofl:

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@MemriseSupport, @JBorrego: I haven’t seen any reaction from you guys to my initial posting.

As for alternatives: it would help a whole lot if speed reviews (or classic reviews without any words in the queue) would present the difficult words prior to any others - how about that?