Suggested Feature

In quizlet they have an option where you can click if your answer was right, but wasnt the one that the course creator had considered. This is useful when courses have two words with the same meaning and you then will keep getting it right but it would mark you wrong. This needs to be added into memrise as people keep losing streaks or getting things wrong just because of a mistake in the software

Many of the courses I’ve created or look after have alternatives.

To make one alternative (correctly) accepted, one has to hit enter.

So what would be good is where there are alternatives, it would be good if both answers were briefly shown.

Here is a thread about the same problem:

I think this good suggestion is not so much about better alternative (dummy) choices, but more about getting an answer right where there are say two possible answers eg

"A; B" (with both A and B as alternatives).

If one answers “B”, (which is correct and scores 150 points), then we are shown “A; B” to learn “A” which may be a better (or another acceptable) word.