Hey all.

I’m currently getting into learning Japanese through sentences (mainly 10k sentences that I found a spreadsheet of, and mining sentences from a few learning books I have).

I was just wondering though, has anyone had any success learning with Subs2Srs?
As I’ve been making a few up with shows such as Terrace House and a few anime’s, but when checking through the combined subs (Japanese/English) some don’t quite make sense due to way things are originally translated, due to the difference in cultures the English subs are changed to make more sense for an English speaking person.

So I was just wondering if anyone has used subs2srs or made courses with it before?

What is/would be the best way to learn with it?, ie; Audio - Japanese Sentence, Japanese Sentence - Audio, Japanese Sentence - English Sentence etc…

As the prospect of learning using my favourite shows would definitely up my learning to a whole new level, just not sure what the best way would be to create the course/s for it would be for testing direction.

Just for reference, it is posts like these that is making me want to try this out:

Although I have read that quite a few people have done the language they are learning and then find the correct sentence in their native language.
So they don’t even use the audio, although I think that would work with languages that are similar, not so sure it would work as well with English/Japanese.