"Stuck" in speed review

I have had multiple occasions when Memrise only gives me speed reviews. One after another. Right now I’m in Dutch 7 at level 21, with my progress bar at 2/17 words and phrases. The only way for me to get a different kind of test, as far as I have figured out, is to log out and back in.This has happened at multiple levels of Dutch.

  • iPhone 12
  • ioS 15.4*
  • Memrise v2022.2.28.48425
  • The issue happens randomly. I touch “Continue learning” from the home screen and sometimes i get stuck in speed review–only testing.

The app’s suggestion seems to really be more or less random. You can always choose whatever type of session you want by tapping the tree-dots-button though. Ever since they changed the start page or a course, you’ll have to tap “Learning” though, only then you’ll see the “…” button.

Note that I’m using Android, so it might actually be different on iOS (which I don’t have access to).