Struggle (fight) with Memrise

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I’m just looking at how for example Google checks the free voice phone services, if I don’t use it for a while I’m getting an automated reply asking me to use the phone number or I use it.

I would think if a course is not edited for over two years it is considered abandoned by the original course creator.

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Besides the reasons cited by Alanh, there are also some courses that I consider practically perfect. I learn in several courses created by users that I do not see any errors. If there are no errors, the course creator does not need to edit the course.

Edit: It is not just a matter of whether or not a course is perfect (it was just an example). There are other reasons for a course not being edited in X days. I was just trying to say that if the course is not edited (in X days), not necessarily the course is abandoned. The way Lien worked was better than something automatic.

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Sure but I doubt there are perfect courses or courses that would not become better by adding more content.

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Hi @DW7, do you mean the group invite button?
That still exists. Within the ‘Link’ tab of group invites I’m aware that the copy link button isn’t currently working, though

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Hi @ian_mn @Olaf.Rabbachin @alanh @Lodrogyaltsen3 @Milamy

I’m trying to come up with a sensible set of rules at the moment to decide when a course is ‘abandoned’. As @alanh says I was thinking of using the last seen/active date of the course creator on Memrise/Decks as a proxy (e.g. if they haven’t been active on Memrise/Decks in the past 12+ months), then a step where the course creator is contacted, before the course is deemed abandoned. So similar to what Lien used to do, but ideally managed by the community.

Your courses shouldn’t fall under this @ian_mn as I guess you’ve been active in the past 12 months. And even if you hadn’t an attempt would be made to contact you, at which point you could reply.

The idea behind this is to appoint contributors to abandoned courses to keep them in shape. No plans for a purgatory!

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that is a non-argument, should courses become as big as a dictionary just because some 5 people want so? Maybe the creator wants to come every second semester on decks, so what? They are maybe on an important mission on Mars, or maybe family problems, or simply no time for etc

to reverse your non-argument: there are plenty of users who “started” a course, but never went beyond that, and they just eat server resources by being “enlisted” in various courses. What about the creator purging users from the “leaderboard”?

Too many cooks spoil the broth

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Thanks @ian_mn.
I dug into this a bit more and it’s related to the “base pool” of words that we suggest to a course creator when they put together their course.
You can see the base pool when you start to type a word in the level edit screen and we suggest you some options.
So what I think is happening is that some words from the 5000 Words of Spanish course are in the base pool, and Ben pulled these into his Introductory Spanish 1 course when putting it together. When a word in the base pool is changed, that change gets reflected on any other course that pulls in that word.
Hope that makes sense! This should still work the same way on Decks
@DW7 @Thomas.Heiss

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Hi Kevin,

Great - it sounds like the link between the courses was a fortunate accident. Thanks for looking into this.

I was thinking about the abandoned courses issue, and I think it’s probably best to do nothing, i.e. no purgatory list and no course deletions.

By simply copying over all the current community courses to Decks (including clearly abandoned courses) and waiting for occasional requests from users to become contributors, a ton of work will be saved. The only downside is that your data storage (which is presumably fairly inexpensive) would contain a bunch of old low-value courses.

From memory, I think @Lien was dealing with requests only about once a month from users who were wishing to become contributors to suspected abandoned courses. Just a suggestion, but could this be a minor task you’d be able to take on?

Thanks, - Ian.

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I’d like to add my opinion re what courses to move and the server space use.
I’m sure every public course should be just moved. The author doesn’t have to be around any more, but the courses may still be useful and be used.

Regarding space on the servers… Even big courses with audio are usually not big enough to have this discussion. However:
— There are big mems. Pictures of size 0.5 - 1 MB. I’m surprised that there was no stricter restriction in the first place. So much of waste when courses are downloaded offline.
— There are very many private (unpublished) courses. If they are not updated or used for long time and the author is out of reach, why not to remove them.


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Thanks @kevin5284, At the bottom there used to be a Blue Invite (someone) to the thread, but it’s not there now:

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I’m trying to come up with a sensible set of rules at the moment to decide when a course is ‘abandoned’.

Presumably after checking if the creator (or a contributor) has a presence here.

FYI I always add to a course I’m supporting that I am a Contributor in it’s full description (and shortened app one).

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Looks like I should be able to make it today!

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Good points @alanh & @Milamy ,

I hardly ever edit a course once I’ve tested it etc, unless someone requests a clarification or when reviewing it I notice I could improve something.

Also even though a course may not have an active Creator/ Contributor, one ought to look at when it was last used by someone. (This is why I once asked for “last 7 days” instead of a week and “last four weeks” instead of a calendar month.)

However as has been raised recently, people have little chance of seeing new courses or those with few users unless a very specific search is undertaken.

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Is it too short notice to insert myself into this list? I’m a long time user of Memrise and have followed these threads intently.

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Sounds good, Kevin!

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to post here about such courses, so someone gets a chance to raise their hands and take over a course? From what I’ve seen there’s many (MANY) courses that are no longer being maintained and/or where the course creator is not on the forum.
If I was doing this, both a forum account and a thread would be mandatory when creating a course.

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Hi @Julia_Halder36 you’re not too late, feel free to join!
Look forward to seeing everyone at 7

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Thanks for tagging Kevin! Hope we can work something out this evening.

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So what happened with the discussion?

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Seriously!!! What happened?