Struggle (fight) with Memrise

(Kevin Memrise) #21

@tommcb yes open to all


Details and list of those confirmed to be attending (so far) are:

Invitation to the community to discuss “Decks” hosted by Ed Cooke

Thursday, March 7th at 7pm
Memrise, 3-5 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX

nearest stations:
Liverpool Street (Mainline, Central, Hammersmith & City, Circle, Metropolitan)
Aldgate East (District, Hammersmith & City)

I will be attending.

Also attending @scmelville @tommcb @silentshuffle

May attend @houssam.alissaed

Anyone else in London/ Willing to travel to London?

(Crazy Dave2345) #23

Can someone livestream the meeting?

I am in the US and cannot attend, but I would like to point out this thread of mine.

As well as the fact that a user-created spanish course is more popular than two official “higher level” Memrise spanish courses.

(JTalk Online) #24

Hi Ed,

I sadly moved away from the UK several years ago, otherwise I’d attend. I think it’s great it seems like you’re listening to people, but please be aware that the majority of people won’t be able to attend, raise their voices and hear your thoughts in-person.

I do want to say that I am really against this decision. I use Memrise for my own customised learning, and have created a lot of courses for people (for free mind you) because I love helping other people learn.

People come here for the UI friendly customisable SRS features Memrise provides.

Even if Decks is mobile friendly, people who don’t get internet won’t be able to use it; long-term users will lose progress; it disrupts study flow; it will likely be very buggy at the start (all programs are, that’s just how it goes).

And honestly the Memrise made courses are not very good, very narrow in content and only caters for one type of learner (the beginner tourist) when there are many (those studying for reading/watching/speaking/exams etc).

Automatically signing people up to the Memrise courses when they create an account and not letting people search for new courses on the app is also really unfair and bias. Also, at least for Japanese, the Memrise official courses are HARD and discourages new learners from wanting to study the language.

I think this move will drive away a lot of users and be detrimental to Memrise going forward.

Thanks for listening! Good luck with the talk!

(Silent Shuffle) #25

This is a brilliant idea. I’ll try to make it along too.

If, in terms of the actual learning process, Decks functions in exactly the same way as Memrise, I am personally not opposed to the separation, but I share the seemingly universal concern about the lack of a mobile app/offline mode. This is certainly the main reason (in my case the only) for which many members pay for Pro.

I would also like to strongly advocate the introduction of a rating or “like” system for user-created courses. The current system, in which courses for a specific language/subject are listed by number of users, has made it near-impossible to promote new courses. Courses that have been on the site since its early days, regardless of quality, remain high up on the list, taking away the incentive to invest time in creating high-quality new courses.

Finally, it would be great to see some kind of user interaction platform reintroduced in Decks. Even just the reintroduction of the bio field - it makes the site less impersonal and allows course creators to promote new courses etc.

(Linguiniii) #26

It’s a very good idea and great decision! Thank you for that.
Even if nothing is going to be changed, open communication is always the best option. Meeting point is about 20,000 km from me, I don’t need a better excuse to miss.
However, I’m sure some people will come and will share Memrise’s message.

(Isik645) #27

Dear Mr. Cooke

Thank you for your feedback. Please, listen to your users, 'cause you created this resource for users.

Dear All,
I kindly ask you all of you to share this information (About meeting at the Memrise office).

(Houssam Alissaed) #28

This is great news. I would love to join although I’m not sure that I can yet due to other (unavoidable) commitments that week. Will try my best though!

(Overlord Hydroptère) #29


I had the impression that “sync” or “download data” do that, i.e. import one’s progress/items learned / courses on dashboard /points etc?

EDIT: so,, that is wrong, we do not lose progress:
" * Your learning progress will be migrated to Decks as well. This includes course progress, points, leaderboard positions and streak."
@ Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
(Did not show up in search results first time though)

(Isik645) #30

Yeah, progress will be saved.

(George Gr731) #31

Does anyone know if all of the user created courses will be transferred to Decks, I.e. Including those courses that have be “abandoned” by the course creator? There was mention in the release that Memrise was in the process of contacting corse creators but it wasn’t clear (at least to me) what happened if contact could not be made.

(George Gr731) #32

Will all user created courses be transferred to Decks? That means including those where Memrise cannot contact the course creator?

(Olaf Rabbachin) #33

@kevin5284: can you give a statement?

(Philosopha) #34

doesn’t work with iPhone…

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #35

I have an Android

(Thomas Heiss) #36

Let’s put it like this, even the initial course progress will be merged:

If the Decks web code is NEW it might contain some software bugs in the beginning for new features (or it is a 1:1 clone of the current Memrise web portal with minor frontend UI adjustments).

In both cases (e.g offline learners on the mobile app which sync daily their course progress) people might lose their longer streaks even the initial progress was taken over.

This will also happen to me when I strictly rely on Tampermonkey userscripts which are not ready for Decks.

At least it is announced that there shall be a beta testing phase…but I wonder how every scenario for every different course (e.g strict-typing, no-typing courses, different requirements for different languages German/English vs Romance vs Asian, etc.) can be functional tested and when all the courses are being added on Decks and migrated over for ALL users.

For sure, there must be a deadline day X where I have to do the classic reviews on Decks to save my old streak.

(Kevin Memrise) #37

Hi @GeorgeGr731 @Olaf.Rabbachin yes all user created courses will be transferred to Decks, including those that have been abandoned by the course creator.
I’m working on a proposal for improving this situation of abandoned courses, hope to share it next week

(Isik645) #38

I’m waiting for the good news.


(Flamantrose) #39


Interested, that would be 7 p.m. French time for me. Is there going to be a Conf Skype, Hangout or otherwise ?

cc @kevin5284

(Ian) #40

Hi Kevin, @kevin5284

For a few years, I’ve been the main contributor to a very popular intermediate Spanish course* that had ~5000 active users during February (with most using the app), and currently gets about ~300 new course subscribers joining per week.

The course creator has not been involved in maintaining the course for a few years, so I’m concerned that it will be considered abandoned and end up being deleted. Please could you consider arranging for this course to be transferred to the Decks platform, preferably with the app option retained? Thank you, - Ian.