Streaks broken on iOS

This probably ought to be its own thread rather than a comment in an update thread…

Streaks appear to be broken this morning in iOS (last update was 3 days ago to 3.1.24).

For some time, before starting a lesson, the streak would be x and the enclosing circle would be missing (showing no progress yet for the day). After doing a review lesson, the circle would be most of the way around but the streak would now show x-1. Then, after doing new words, the circle would be complete and the streak would show x again. But, if I went to another course and then came back, the streak would be updated to x+1.

This morning, the circle doesn’t stick. And the streak hasn’t stayed updated. On the web I see a 136 day streak on Portuguese (Brazilian) 7. But despite doing review, new words, review, new words (and twice seeing what I described in the previous paragraph), iOS is showing me no circle and 135 days for the streak.

Streaks is a seemingly small thing but it really does help motivate one to do lessons every day. And consistent, daily work is essential for progress with a language.

Thanks in advance for anything you all can do to sort this out!

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I am having trouble as well, where it just seems like the goal counter is inaccurate, also on the web and especially between them.

One thing especially today: I did a lot of reviews in a course one the web, but not all of them that it says I am ready to review. The iOS app acknowledges the same amount of remaining reviews to do, but the circle is all empty. If I then learn some words, that experience gets counted towards my daily goal, but it is the ONLY experience shown there. On the web however, it says my goal (45 minutes) was complete and showed that even before I learned new words on the app.

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Hi! we are trying to reproduce the issues you two are mentioning but we are unable to. Are you still experiencing them? Can you reproduce them persistently?

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Before doing anything this morning PT BR 7 was showing 136 and a full circle on iOS. After a review lesson, it showed 135 and a partial circle. After a new words lesson, it showed 136 and a full circle. The web is showing 137 and a check on Tuesday (today). iOS is now showing 136 and no circle. I have terminated the app on iOS several times, btw.

Hi Jesus, yes this is still happening. Some things I noticed today:

I was doing reviews and learning new words on the app, and I (thought) have a goal on the app set for 30 words per day. I was doing that I noticed my goal was finished very quickly. I checked the goal and noticed it was reset to 5 words per day (this has been happening a lot recently). I set it again to 30 words, and my goal wasn’t complete. I did do some more and am pretty sure I stopped before completing my goal.

Later on, I went back to the app and the circle was empty. Then I did a little review and the circle filled a bit accordingly, but less than it was at before. I go to the web and it tells me that my goal is complete and the goal is set to 45 minutes per day.

Thus I am very confused. I am very sure I didn’t get 20,000 points today but I can’t see how many I did get (since the web stops telling you how many points you received today once you reach the goal) and my goal is marked as complete on the web and incomplete (but much less than it should be) on the app now.

Don’t know if you can look into my account, but I was doing a custom course called Hacking Turkish 3.

Would appreciate any help, this really isn’t cool as I want to know where I am in my goals.

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Still seeing problems… The streak number on the web is one more than the streak number on iOS. When I go back to PT BR 7 on iOS later the number is still one less than the web but the the circle is gone. I also noticed that before I do any lesson on iOS the check mark for today is already checked on the web.

This is still a problem. The streak counter on ios is still one less than on the web and on Android. See screenshots today

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Just want to say that all of the issues I was writing about above are still happening, despite an update being released a few days ago.

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Still same issue in July 2020. For one course streak is displayed correctly, but for another: desktop shows 155 days, android app 154 days and iOS app 95 days