Streak - the purpose and how does it work?

(Peztis) #1

Have used the free version of Memrise now for a month or two learning more words in Spanish (done the Spanish tree in Duolingo).

I have tried finding some info about the streak but cannot find anything really, must be looking in the wrong place. :smiley:

Other than just showing how many days in a row I have been doing my daily chores, does the streak count have any purpose? In comparison, in Duo you get Lingots/Gems for every 10 days streak you have and with these you can then “purchase” extra things for them.

How does the count work? It goes down to 0 if I miss a day, of course, but mine has also gone down to 0 days when I have finished a course in Spanish, i.e. when moving up from Spanish 1 to 2, and then from 2 to 3. Is that how it works or is it a bug? I mean, I read about people having 365 days streak, they cannot have been in the same course level for a year! :scream:

(Thomas Heiss) #2

There was a max streak badget, e.g 95 days.
It was removed with Ziggy website update, but is still available on the Android app (maybe you need an older version - at least it works for my version).

You are right. Once you have completed the courses, the website will not show anymore the streak data.
AFAIK the mobile app still does it.

Even the website does NOT show you the streak for completed courses, it is still incremented.
You will receive Pro announcement marketing popups from time to time, once you hit the 5 / 10, etc. streaks, where they want you to offer 20% or 50% Pro discount.


  • there is no DuoLingo global streak
  • reviews are not counted on the web portal for completed courses
  • max streak badget has been removed on the web portal, but is visable on the mobile app

Tip for reaching 365++ streaks:

If you start a bigger 3000-5000 course or / EasyAcademy >7500 words Polyglot course (multiple L1 languages shown), you need to leave out 5-10 words, or half-plant them to learning-steps 3-4 and not complete the learning until step 6:

Then you could continue to review the big big Memrise language course for reaching a 365++ day streak and have the streak also shown on the website per course…and you can work on improving your last max streak badget (which you can check on the mobile app).

This concept will not work that good for the offical 1-7 + Basic courses, as they are too small and you can not easily leave out 5-10 words or a “not so important course” level", like language names for pronunciation, alphabet, etc.

SR Overdueness (missing):

The other big problem is, that Memrise has no code for overdueness: This means, if you do not review your completed courses daily / weekly, it will not increment the next SR interval higher than the next standard Memrise level.

The best would be to let the completed Memrise courses finished but export them to Anki, where you will have additional statistics, and continue the reviews there.
There is a plugin called Memrise2Anki (I can not test it right now).

My personal experience is, that with user scripts installed like “all typing” (by Cooljingle), I hardly review my completed courses (I 1-2 times did for 1-2 and a few times for Basic, but lately 1-5 is somehow “untouched”, so 3-5 was not reviewed that many times!)

Because too many “words” (incl. phrases/sentences) in the backlog queue.
Typing full phrases / sentences daily is too much work., but really tests RECALLING in the L2 target language.

So a self-rating answer concept like Anki might not be bad to get you back on track with completed courses, especially the 1-7 + Basic ones.

Multiple-choice - as implemented right now by staff - is not that good as the answers 1-8 are not hidden; you can guess, you get hints, etc.
There better should be a new review type available.

Camilo’s DuoLingo user script “DuoLingo tree enhancer” has the option to hide texts and pictures for e.g reverse tree courses.
If you scroll over with mouse pointer, the text is again readable.
Something like this might be good to have on Memrise as an “typing alternative”.

So yeah, my “concept” for 1-7 courses are to switch to Anki (and import my current SR intervals).

This will be the next benefit: There is no max 180 days SR interval on Anki, like there is in Memrise.

Any questions? :slight_smile:

(Peztis) #3

Thanks! So the streak is just for show … It has no purpose other than being there, keeping the streak.

To leave out a few words at the end of each course just to maximize the streak sounds … stupid. Sorry, but it does.:joy:

(Thomas Heiss) #4

I updated my above text.

To leave out a few words at the end of each course just to maximize the streak sounds … stupid. Sorry, but it does.:joy:

I finished the DuoLingo Portuguese Brazil course by MartinPen.

There are at least two levels:

  • names (for pronunciation)
  • alphabet

I either would have to ignore them, once “learned”, or leave those untouched. So I do not really have to 100% complete this course.

“Stupid” would be to learn them until step 6, so they regularly popup in daily reviews :slight_smile: I definitely do not want them to review!

A good user-created course author should be aware of the Memrise system limitations and how to work around them.
If he/she is very well prepared, he will have added more words / levels to the course, than necessary.

Memrise staff might not be that well prepared for Basic + offical 1-7 courses.
So all these “workaround concepts” do not work well to “not finish” a course or “keep the course streak going”.
However, I really enjoyed the very last level of PT7, giving me three congratulation messages for translation.

The worst end was my DuoLingo tree:
Just a stupid golden owl, but no real congratulation message, video, certificate, etc.

Sorry, but that is the truth.

Memrise might be better usable with all user scripts installed (I could not live without them on the web portal), but it is not the very best one-fits-all solution, especially since one Memrise code upgrade a few months ago killed Cooljingle’s very great user script “Memrise Catch-Up Review” (handling the “overdueness”) :frowning: :frowning:

(Peztis) #5

Thanks, I saw that - had me confused for awhile. :smiley:

In Duo I think there used to be a certificate or such but like you I only had the golden owl at the end of the course. Took a print of it, though! :owl:

I know that all thoughts cannot be taken into consideration when producing a program but it sounds strange that there are so many scripts “needed”. Since I am new I should not say too much and especially since I do not pay to use the program.

Thank you so much for all the info. Strange that it does not say anything about it in the info pages. Maybe Memrise staff are not so happy how it works either so they do not want to have it written down! :thinking:

(Thomas Heiss) #6

This is one of the best places to start (the former forums have been taken down by staff - most threads were erased before forum migration): [wiki] All the Userscripts

If you wonder: Yes, there is a “Timer Disabler” user script available for the website.
Makes 100% sense if you want to review offical 1-7 Memrise courses with scripts “all typing” and “auto correct”, where you can’t handle a ticking timer, when you type those endlessly long sentences.