Streak skipped a day

Anyone else here whose streak skipped a day? When I opened memrise to do my daily streak it showed me it was already done but had the same amount of days as yesterday, my time zone hasn’t been changed. Can anyone comfort me with telling my streak wont be lost? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sometimes when you come back into the app, it will do that. If you are studying more than one course, switch courses and go back to the first, it should update properly. It will also sometimes “forget” that you have already done a course for the day. The website will generally confirm what you have actually done (on the home page, not the streak page, which uses a different time zone). It just won’t show continued streaks of completed courses.
If you haven’t done your work for the day, I would say just go ahead and do it as normal. When you’re done, the number / completion circle should update appropriately.

Yeah I know, I do memrise for almost 2 years now and use the app and website at the same time to save time. I also know sometimes it shows the daily goal is done (or not) in the app, but when I had this yesterday I rechecked the website 5 times because I was so scared to lose my streak :open_mouth:. Fortunately I didn’t lose anything (except the one day it just skipped) so I will happily do my memrise every day :smiley:.

It also helps to simply do a review, even if it is only one word. Then the app will contact the server (I guess) and update its stats.

Yeah but the web version showed it was already done, and so far I have never experienced a time where the web version was wrong…

I have been on memrise for some years and this has happened to me several times. And I have lost streaks, sometimes very long streaks. Last year, I lost a streak of over a year and found it so frustrating I gave up using memrise for several months. I returned a couple of months ago and it has happened already. For instance right now, my longest courses say I am on a 62 day streak but the learning stats say that I skipped a day 8 days ago, which is not true. I suspect it has something to do with timezones but it is very annoying.